Top Choices for Minted Personal Business Cards

Do you have a personal business card? If you don’t, you should! Minted makes it really simple to order a well designed personal business card. This is a Minted sponsored post and all views are my own. Here are my top choices for Minted personal business card designs:

brigeeski top choices for Minted business cards

Minted makes it easy by showing you a variety of design options that are unique enough for you to stand out. I also really liked their mom business cards – too cute and professional.

It is important to have a personal business card for any time you meet someone new. You never know when you will want to catch up with someone you met recently. And trust me.. it’s much simpler to hand out your card when you are on the go than try to write down a number or type it in your phone.

Also, when you meet someone outside of your company life you may want to present yourself in a different manner. It is better to hand out your personal email and cell phone number to a new friend than to give them your work business card.

Which design do you like best? All the above designs look very professional, fun and inviting.


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