Summer Strawberry Spritzer

Who else has been enjoying as many days at the beach and pool as possible? I’ve been taking full advantage of summer fun this year. We have been to the bay, the beach, the pool and even camping a few times. With all of our summer fun must come a fun summer beverage. My favorite summer sipper has been a simple strawberry spritzer. It’s perfect for summertime because it is very light, refreshing and delicious.

Bon Affair Summer Strawberry Spritzer

Summer Strawberry Spritzer
1 Glass of Bon Affair
5 Diced Strawberries
1 Squeeze of Lime

This summer strawberry spritzer could not be any simpler. Add Bon Affair to a wine glass, pour in your diced strawberries and squeeze in a bit of lime to your glass. I love Bon Affair on its own but the addition of strawberry and lime just make it a little more fun when sipping poolside.

The other awesome thing about using Bon Affair in your summer cocktails is that it is light in alcohol content as well. This is good for those long days spent sipping on drinks with friends. I like a good buzz but getting too tipsy is not always my friend. Bon Affair also has electrolytes. Bonus! I hope you are all having a fun summer too and get to try out this awesome spritzer recipe.

Enjoy! – Bri

I received product from Bon Affair. All opinions are my own. 

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