Simplifying Daily Tasks

I use to feel like I was super organized and had a pretty good idea of what to expect from the next day. Having a kiddo sure did change most of that. Running a new business can also feel unpredictable at times. Being Preggo has added a whole new dimension.

Simplifying Daily Tasks

Mood swings, cravings, hormones and tiredness have really taken their toll lately. I am constantly questioning things and trying to simplify my life. On a typical day to day basis I’m really excited for more work, more fun and anything new that comes my way. The last couple months most things are just making me exhausted. I keep thinking about how I will manage everything when our second baby arrives.

It’s silly because I know in my mind that I cannot actually be totally prepared. There is just a part of me that likes to be prepared and plan ahead. I worried about this with my last pregnancy too. I kept trying to figure out how I would manage working and being a mom.

In the end nothing went as planned. It all turned out better than expected but it must just be a part of being pregnant. The need to try and plan ahead.

I know in my heart that when I trust in God and stop worrying that all will be just fine.

I love being able to be home with my girl most days. I also love the days I work while she is in school. I really have the best of both worlds and work really hard to manage the two.

So, in an effort to satisfy my need to plan without stressing about what will be, I’m making a list to simplify my daily tasks. These items will help simplify things I typically do on a day to day basis as far as being a mom, wife, and business owner.

1. Cell Phone Apps: WordPress (done! And using it as I write this post) Freshbooks
2. House Cleaning: I have always disliked cleaning. I’m happy to straighten up or organize but heavy duty cleaning is not my thing. Every night I will straighten up the house and get the dishes done. I plan to hire someone once per month for the heavy duty cleaning!
3. Meal Planning: this is something I use to always do and kind of got out of the habit. It’s time to get back on track! Meal Planner
4. Daily Schedule: I actually started this last week as well. I’ve been planning out our days the night before so we are better prepared and get more accomplished. I’ve always had our weekly plan but this has really helped keep things in perspective. I pack lunches and set out outfits the night before so we don’t feel as rushed in the morning.
5. Delegating: this is a new one for me. I plan to hire an intern or assistant for work before the baby arrives. I thought about taking time off completely when baby boy arrives but I really don’t want my business to come to a stop. Keep your eye out for an announcement on this one soon!

Here’s to simplifying daily tasks! What do you do that has helped simplify your life?


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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  1. Cheri Smeal

    Love this post, things will work out, they will just change, but change is good! Love you tons!

    1. Thank you! You’re right change is good!

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