Secret to Goodness

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I am participating in a super fun blind testing campaign where I get to try out hair products without knowing what the product brand is. Isn’t that neat? I knew I would be receiving some sort of package containing shampoo and conditioner.

surprise secret to goodness

What I didn’t know, was that I would also be receiving an oil spray for finishing. How fun! This is the package I received in the mail. The shampoo, conditioner and oil spray came in a super cute polka dot box with a little card explaining how to use the products.

Secret to Goodness : Hair Goodies

I have been using the secret hair care products for a week now and let me just say woohoo! I love the smell of all the products. The shampoo and conditioner make my hair super shiny and soft. Seriously, ladies you know that having great hair makes you feel your best and that’s what I love about having awesome feeling hair. The spray adds even more shine and smells so good! I have heard that these unmarked products are infused with some super sweet ingredients like macademia oil, awapuhi ginger and seaweed. That must be why they smell SO Good!

I have recently tried other macademia oil type products and they don’t even come close to how soft this product has made my hair. I have been trying out different shampoos and conditioners over the last year or so since I have started getting highlights. My hair stylist has recommended a few products that are good to use on color treated hair. I have found one product that works well but this new secret product feels even better.


It has been so much fun trying out these secret products especially since I really like the products. The spray really adds the added shine that my hair so desperately needs from using a flat iron so often. I am so excited to find out what the product is so I can share it with you. Are you ready to find out the secret? What do you think it is?

unlock the secret to goodness

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Lunchbox. Tracking Pixel


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  1. I can totally tell the shine difference in your pictures. Very hard to keep hair shiny with my curly hair. Sigh…

    1. You have to try it Maggie! I have been using the spray after I dry my hair and you can really see a difference.

  2. Love that! I’ve been using Aveda products since it was part of my Christmas wish list and my problem is committing to doing it every day haha!

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