The Secret to Goodness Reveal

Secret to Goodness

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Lunchbox.

Remember when I told you I am participating in a blind testing campaign to try out a few hair products? Well, guess what! It is time for the Secret to Goodness Reveal! I was invited to a studio in LA to film my reveal on camera. How crazy is that?! I can’t wait to share my reveal video with you but before I do that I wanted share what the product is.

Secret to Goodness

I first saw the product at the studio in a shiny black box with a giant question mark on the top. It was really exciting to unlock the mystery box. The hair care products that I have been enjoying are made by… Suave Professionals!

Secret to Goodness

I was so excited to learn that the brand was Suave because I know they offer affordable quality products. I thought it could be Suave because the bottles’ look similar to a few other bottles I already have in my shower. Remember how shiny and pretty my hair looked just after one week of using the products:

Secret to Goodness

Well, my hair is still feeling shiny, beautiful and strong. Sometimes I find some sort of issue with a product after using it for a while but I really have had no issues with these yummy smelling products. My hair looks clean, thick and moisturized. I just feel really good when my hair feels good. You know that feeling of when you look good, you feel good? Goodness is the best!

I really can’t get over how good the shampoo and conditioner smells. The little hints of macademia, awapuhi and ginger really last throughout the day. I love the oil finishing spray too. I find it works best while I am drying my hair. I spray a little bit all throughout my hair while it is still wet and then right before my hair is completely dry I add a few more sprays. It really helps to keep in the shine and prevent it from looking oily. The spray also helps for when I straighten or curl my hair. I always use the highest settings on my straightener and curling iron since my hair is so thick. Having that little bit of oil seems to protect my hair from breakage.

Secret to Goodness

Now that I know the brand identity of the products, I will be able to purchase it for myself. I have used the Suave Professionals line before because the products have consistently kept my hair feeling good. The Suave professionals natural infusion with macadamia oil and white orchid really has the best smell and doesn’t contain parabens or dyes. Have you tried the new line of Suave Professionals? What do you think of the products?

Secret to Goodness

Keep an eye out for my next Secret to Goodness post – I will be sharing my reveal video with you soon. These are a few photos from the set. I had so much fun and can’t wait to see how the video turned out!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Lunchbox.

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  1. You look gorgeous and I can’t wait to see the video! We use the Suave products infused with Moroccan Oil.

    1. Yay! Thank you Mary! I knew when I saw you speak at Women Get Social that I would soon be doing some sort of video 🙂

  2. Fun to find out a product you’re using is something you can find easily and doesn’t come with the fancy salon price, right? I look forward to your video too – this whole project sounds fun.

  3. Hey Bri! I did this video shoot too, I was wondering if you know if the video ever went up?

    1. Hi Miranda, I think they must still be working on it. I haven’t heard.

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