San Diego Food Love: Toast & Acqua Al 2

Toast Enoteca

My friend Angela and I decided to try out a couple restaurants in downtown San Diego last weekend. Our first stop was Toast Enoteca, a fun little wine bar and restaurant in East Village. They have these cool “machines” in the middle of the restaurant which allows for one ounce tastings of wine.

You can order your wine by the glass or ask for a tasting card to try the different tastes of wine. Of course we went the tasting card route to try it out. You stick your card in the machine, press the button for the wine you want and out comes a shot of wine. I tried some of the reds and especially liked the Belleruche (a combo of grenache and syrah) and the Dehesa Gago or “G” (a delicious Spanish Tinto de Toro).

We tried the “Pere Al Gorgonzola” appetizer paired with the Pane (baguette). The combination of pears with gorgonzola and sweet honey was delicious. Their balsamic vinegar reduction is mouth watering.

I will be going back to try more!

Acqual Al 2

Our next stop was Acqual Al 2 for dinner. The restaurant has an old world charm that felt very authentic. I loved the cute drawing on their placemats. Also, it was rather dark so I did not get the best photos but their dessert tray was beautiful.

I ordered off the specialty menu in which the chef selects a variety of pastas, meat entrees and desserts for you to try. The price was around $50 for this tasting that included a glass of wine, 5 pastas, 3 meat entrees and 4 desserts! This was definitely the way to go!

We really enjoyed trying out so many different selections of food. My favorites were: Maccheroni alla Vodka (Pasta w/vodka sauce)
Lumaconi ai Broccoli (shell pasta with creamy broccoli sauce)
Filetto al Mirtilio (Blueberry sauce topped Fillet Mignon)
Petto di Pollo ai Funghi (chicken with mushroom sauce)
Creme Brûlée
Pannacotta with blackberry sauce

Neither of us had ever had Pannacotta before and we could not stop talking about how good it was. Now I want some Pannacotta! We ended our night here after our many courses of tasty food. Toast and Acqua Al 2 are a must try!


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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