San Diego Food Love: Roppongi La Jolla

We are sponsoring SD Moms Night Out’s Mother’s Day Event 2013 at Roppongi in La Jolla on May 9th. I had never actually been to the restaurant until I was invited to go to a tasting to preview the menu for the Mother’s day event. I had such a great time meeting the other members of the invite committee and tasting the amazing appetizers that will be served at the event.


I was overly excited to try out Roppongi since I have heard such great things about their restaurant. Their decor is also very beautiful – very fung shui meets modern classy. The food was quite tasty! The tastings we tried (which will also be at the Mother’s day event) were:

Duck Quesadilla | duck confit, pepperjack cheese, mongolian sauce, spicy asian guacamole, micro cilantro
Hummus | EVOO, grilled herb flatbread, tomatoes, chives
Kefir Cheese | Herb flatbread, garam masala spice, tomatoes
Ahi Poke | Hawaiian tuna, crispy wonton, red chili, soy sauce, sesame seeds, green onion, sesame oil

The ahi was incredibly fresh and seasoned perfectly. I could not believe how good the hummus and herb flatbreads were. It seems like such a simple dish but it is fantastic. I don’t think I have had kefir cheese before either and it was a fabulous spread!


In addition to the Mother’s day event menu, we got to taste a few of Roppongi’s other signature items. The kobe beef sliders and thai chicken salads were so yummy! I loved the addition of crispy shallots and a pickle on the sliders. They gave us the cutest mini ice cream cones filled with assorted gelato. I wish my photo turned out better because they were too cute!


I hope to see you all soon at the Mother’s Day event at Roppongi!


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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  1. adding this to my MUST TRY places in SD before we move 😉 Thanks!

    1. Awesome! It is a must try!

  2. Looks like it was quite a yummy night! Roppongi is a favorite restaurant of mine. Everything they serve up is SOOO delicious!

    1. It was so yummy! They have great appetizers!

  3. delectable indeed and that ahi poke looks incredible – thanks for the recommendation! xx

    1. The ahi poke is incredible! A must try!

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