Probiotic House Cleaning by Naked Clean

I was so excited to have Naked Clean come out give my house a little polishing. I have never had anyone else clean my house before and that in itself was amazing. Naked Clean offered to clean 3 rooms so I could share with you all.

Probiotic House Cleaning by Naked Clean

I was surprised to receive an email confirmation that I would be receiving a cleaning. I guess I just didn’t expect that from a cleaning service but it was very nice since I keep track of most things by email.

A representative from Naked Clean showed up before the cleaning to share some information about their Probiotic Cleaners, which eliminates bad dust mites and mildew. He also gave me a few samples to try out. He was very helpful and explained the products well.

A few minutes later the ladies showed up to clean the house. They were very friendly and professional. I told them which rooms needed the most help and they went right to work.

My kiddo, the pup and I decided to play outside and stay out of their way.

Next thing I knew, the ladies were all done. Next time, I will have to ask them to clean the whole house. It was a really nice treat to have someone else scrub my dirty bathrooms and kitchen though!

I didn’t take any before photos but you can see how shiny they got my appliances. My kiddo did a thorough investigation afterwards.

The other cool thing is that they only use probiotic cleaners which is a lot better for children and dogs to be around. It also does just as good a job as other cleaners.

Our bathrooms and kitchen were sparkly clean and I had a lot less to do that day! Thank you Naked Clean for helping us out!!

Just For You! 
And as a special treat for you – Naked Clean is offering $40 off your next service! Just mention my blog – BriGeeski – and they will give you a discount.

I received a 3 hour cleaning for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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