Planning Patio Parties with the #Intel2in1

Over the summer I have been working a lot while on the road with my Intel 2 in 1. Now that fall is coming I’ve been trying to plan a few less trips and host a few more parties. My dad just built me this amazing wood table for the backyard so patio parties are on my mind. I used the Intel 2 in 1 to create a pinterest board of ideas for fun patio parties. Then I used that to prep for a quick backyard tea party for a few mom friends and our kiddos.

Patio Parties with the #intel2in1

You have to check out this Pinterest Board full of great patio party ideas. I love using items from around the house to set up a nice tablescape. I also love to sift through the clearance sections at Target, Marshalls and any home decor shops for inexpensive items that can be used to dress up a party. I just found a set of 8 chalkboard placemats at marshalss for $2 that are perfect for any outdoor party.

Pinterest Board : Patio Parties

I only had about 15 minutes to set up for an impromptu patio party when a few momma friends said they were going to come by. I grabbed my intel 2 in 1 and headed straight to the new patio table to start setting up. I thought it would be fun to surprise them with some afternoon tea and snacks that the mommas and the kiddos could enjoy.


I found my old espresso cups and saucers in the back of my kitchen cabinet for the kiddos tea. They are perfect since they are small and unbreakable. The kiddos loved drinking out of the “fancy” cups.

Patio Table Setup

As for the snacks, I grabbed any fresh fruit and veggies I had and mixed them up with a few pasta chips and snapea crisps. Applesauces, string cheese and grapes are a few of my kiddos favorite snacks so I set those out next to their tea cups. The mommas enjoyed the carrots with hummus and really enjoyed a little afternoon tea.

The Snacks

I totally LOVE white pumpkins and think they make such a cute and festive addition to any fall tablescape.

The Intel 2 in 1 Tablet Computer

Oh! Any nothing makes a tablescape prettier than a big bouquet of beautiful flowers. I love the bright pink mixed with green. This super easy patio party was put together in less than 15 minutes with the help of my Intel 2 in 1 and my patio party Pinterest board. Too fun!

Ready for afternoon tea

Will you be hosting any afternoon patio parties this fall? What’s your party plan?


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I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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