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Fresh Salad with Pistachios

Did you know that today is Pistachio Day?! I have always loved pistachios. I remember my papa Jimmy always chewing on them on his farm when I was a little kid. My dad often snacks on pistachios when he is watching a game. The little piles of pistachio shells always …

Cruise ship vacation

Sail on the Sun Princess Cruise Ship

I attended a media event to check out the latest happenings on the new Sun Princess Cruise Ship. Spellbound by Magic Castle is a brand new attraction designed in collaboration with the famed Hollywood icon. This experience will blend magic and mixology for an amazing evening on board the new …

orange chicken and cilantro lime rice

Easy Lunch & Dinner Ideas

With back to school and sports starting soon, I’m bringing you easy lunch and dinner ideas! Most of our recipes are created as easy recipes but these are especially great for busy days. I am always looking to make nutritious but delicious meals which can be harder to create when …

Try these delicious California Turkey Bowls

California Turkey Bowls

California Turkey Bowls are one of my fav meals of the week! I’m working on meal prep ideas to make the weeknights easy! I love making healthy food more convenient. This dish is packed with protein, veggies and fiber! I’ve got a few easy prep ideas to make weeknights a …

Relax in the cafe

The Lullabar: A Wellness Cafe in Carlsbad, CA for Moms

I’m so excited to see a wellness cafe for moms open up in Carlsbad, CA! The Lullabar is a beautiful wellness cafe that provides opportunities for mothers to reconnect with themselves and their community. It’s a space to meet up with friends while the little ones can go to the …

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