A New Year, A New Look

It’s a new year which is a great time for new beginnings! I’m so excited to be starting this year off fresh with so many fun ideas brewing for my business and life. We all have the same amount of time in a day to accomplish what we want in life. I believe if you have a dream of accomplishing something, than it is up to you to make those dreams a reality. I’ve got a few intentions for the new year and I’m ready to make those dreams a reality. I’m partnering up with Zenni to share about their awesome, affordable eyeglasses that have been an amazing tool for my daily life. I’ve got a new look for the new year too!

I’d been wearing my same old black frame glasses for far too long. I’m loving this new brown frame with my darker, more natural color hair. I still love the highlights and may get a few more this year but I’m really feeling the need to have less maintenance. This is a new year filled with all sorts of new possibilities! I don’t wear glasses all the time but I do when I am working on the computer or reading a book. Zenni sent me a sample pair of glasses to check out the style and a pair with my prescription. The kiddos had some fun looking like mommy with the sample pair.

Ah! The cuteness! The little missy had so much fun with this. She even took the photos of us. I may have a mini photographer on my hands!

So, What’s So Cool About Zenni Eyeglasses? 
– They offer affordable eyeglasses with your prescription – online
– They have high quality lenses
– The frames are super stylish
– They will engrave a name on the inside or outside of the frame
– They also offer sunglasses

How awesome is that? I love that I have my business name right there on my glasses. It’s like a constant reminder to move forward with my work and dreams.

These frames, you guys, start at only $6.95. Isn’t that crazy! After adding my prescription, lens coating and engraving the glasses were only $24. I was pretty happy with that price after the very high price I’m used to spending on glasses. The quality of the Zenni glasses are really great too. I’m so excited to have a new pair of glasses that actually fit my face well too!

Do you like the new style? If you’re looking for a new pair of glasses for the new year, check out Zenni’s website. Also, check back here next week to find out about all of my New Year intentions! Have a great day! xo – Bri

This post was sponsored by Zenni. All opinions are my own.



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