My San Francisco Treats

Farmers Market

San Francisco is such a different, artistic, modern and cultural location. It has become one of my favorite places. It was my goal for this trip to find good food, check out some art and enjoy the many neighborhoods of the city. So, here is a small glimpse of the best parts of the trip.

While we were headed to the bus stop we came across a small farmers market with all sorts of fruits, veggies and a variety of flavored pistachios. I love the bright colors of the fruits next to each other. Then we headed to Haight & Ashbury, a little hippy neighborhood close to golden gate park. This has become my favorite part of San Francisco.

We stepped into what we thought was a little coco shop to get out of the cold weather. We came to find out that not only did they have delicious hot coco but they also had red wine paired with assorted chocolates for tasting. FABULOUS! I was now in heaven! The store is called Coco-Lux and it is an adorable little shop.

After that, we headed to grab a bite to eat at Magnolia pub. The gastropub served us up some tasty fries and a pork sandwich with blue cheese. YUM! They serve their drinks in old fashioned glasses of all shapes and sizes. They brew their own beer and stock local wines.

The next day we ventured off to the embarcadero to the Ferry Building. The ferry building is like the best indoor farmers market that you could ever imagine. It has fresh and local cheeses, meats, wines, cupcakes, coffee, chocolates, etc. All I have to say is GO THERE!

Another favorite was the SFMOMA. It was nice to see such a large museum right in the city. I do love the street art at Haight & Ashbury just as well though. Then after a long day we headed to a pub in fisherman’s wharf for a pint. We ordered the Irish Nachos too and were amazed at how great these were. (It could have been the Guinness talking… but really best irish nachos ever!) The picture does it no justice.

We stayed at the Mark Hopkin’s Intercontinental hotel and at the top is the “Top of The Mark” restaurant and bar. This place has such a great view of the city in all directions. They also have a martini menu that is about 5 pages long! I had the raspberry baileys martini with a chocolate pyramid cake for dessert.

What were your San Francisco Treats?

Coco Luxe
Magnolia Gastropub
Irish Nachos
Top of the Mark


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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  1. Robin

    Now I’m hungry. And missing San Francisco. Great Blog post!

    1. admin

      Thanks R! I know… Maybe one day we can all go to SF together!

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