Massages from Sanctuate, A Tech-Spa

What is a Tech-Spa you say? I wasn’t sure either. “sanctuate! takes an ultra-modern approach to massage therapy and head-to-toe wellness. sanctuate! offers luxury chair massage, as well as other technology based wellness services, that are both convenient, effective and affordable.” (Taken from the Sanctuate website.)

Who would of thought a chair could actually do the massaging? I was so surprised that a massage chair could do just as good of a massage as a person or more like 10 people. The chair itself can determine your your sore spots and focuses in on those specific areas. I have tried the massage chair mats that you press a button and get a little massage on your back… but this is nothing like that. It actually adheres to your body and massages like a real person would. I was invited by Sanctuate to try out their services and share my experience with you. 

sanctuate a tech spa in San Diego

Sanctuate offers 30-45 minute massages for $25-39. What a deal! They also run promotions through Groupon and other coupon sites regularly. Their massage times are shorter than the average 50-60 minute massages because the advanced technology is equivalent to the longer massage. They offer membership programs and work with a point system so that you can accrue more massages the more you go or even refer a friend.

sanctuate a tech spa massage
Image from Sanctuate

I experienced the full body morning massage and the full body stretch. I recommend both! It was so relaxing that I almost fell asleep. When you get in the room, the technician shows you how to select the massage you want, puts your headphones on and dims the lights. It truly is a relaxing and different experience.

Sanctuate is a great place to host a party. They offer party packages which include unlimited massages, hor d’oeuvres, and you can bring your own beverages!

They currently only have one location – in Point Loma which is a little far for me but they are expecting to expand to north county coastal and south bay soon. Seriously, you have to check this place out! Let me know what you think when you do 🙂

Sanctuate! A Tech-Spa
3619 Midway Drive, Suite K
San Diego, CA 92110

Thank you for the massage, Sanctuate! 


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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