Lifeproof iPhone Case

You can often find me sitting at a local Starbucks with my laptop, a planner, a notebook, a bottle of water and my iphone. Sometimes you will see me at a foodie event with my iphone and a cocktail. What I didn’t realize until recently… was that I could very easily spill one of these said beverages onto my iphone.


Like last week at Dishcrawl, I ordered one of those shaker margaritas. The one where they tell you when they give it to you to make sure you hold the top on. And everytime I get one I say “yeah okay”. Luckily for me I just got the Lifeproof iPhone case cover. ¬†Because yes, I spilt the second half of my margarita on top of my cell phone. I was so happy that I had my Lifeproof case on my iphone!

My iphone was completely safe with absolutely no water contact whatsoever. Until I received this case I would try to be extra careful with my iphone so that I would not spill something on it or drop it or let my kiddo touch it. Now I don’t even worry about it. The only downside I have found is that it is slightly more difficult to press on the screen because of its protective case. But if you are looking for a protective case for your phone Lifeproof is legit. Check them out: LifeProof.

This post is sponsored by Lifeproof. All opinions are my own.



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