Ladies Spa Day at RB Inn

Last week a few ladies and I got together at Rancho Bernardo Inn (RB Inn) for an awesome spa day. It was a much needed day of relaxation for all of us. We went to celebrate our friend Lisa and her soon to be baby girl. We took her on a mini “babymoon” for one last ladies day out before her little girl arrives. Lisa’s hubby works out at sea and is away for the summer so we wanted to make sure she got to enjoy this fun tradition. 

SPA Day!

First things first, we took a selfie. We had to get the ladies day started off right. Then we kicked back in our reserved cabana and had lunch. 

cabana at RB Inn

Anna set this whole day up at RB Inn and made sure we all enjoyed our day. Laura, Lisa and I were incredibly grateful. 


The food at the RB Inn Spa Pool is pretty darn good. I tried the salmon BLT. YUM! 

salmon sandwich

The views of the pool and surrounding landscaping are really what make RB Inn an awesome spot for a ladies day. Everything is mellow, quiet and perfectly relaxing.

Sweet pool view at RB Inn

After we took a quick dip in the pool we headed up to the spa for our treatments. We all got the 50 min Holistic Massage (deep tissue), scalp and foot massage. Lisa’s massage was geared for expectant mommas. After our super amazing and relaxing massages we grabbed a cup of cucumber water and sat in the hot tub. Once our fingers and toes turned to prunes we headed back to the pool. 

robes and spa at RB Inn

We popped some champagne and ordered a round of beers for the non-preggy ladies and ordered a refreshing lemonade for Lisa. Since we are all mommas, we definitely felt spoiled for enjoying a relaxing spa day on a Friday afternoon. We went back and forth between the spa and the pool throughout the day. The mix of sitting in the hot tub and steaming in the steam room with soaking up the sun was magical. We all really enjoyed spending time together in a rare sans kiddos moment.


The sun, massages and beer were starting to take its toll, so we quickly ordered a dinner of appetizers and cupcakes. 

Pool Food at RB Inn

The cheese plate, honey wings and mini cupcakes were just what we needed.


We finished up our day at the pool and headed home. We all agreed that we need to do this more often than when one of us gets pregnant. We are hoping for a once a month ladies spa day. RB Inn was the perfect spot for all of our relaxation needs. We will be back soon!

Babymoon at RB Inn with the ladies

Our cabana and champagne was provided by RB Inn. All opinions are my own. 


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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