Do What Works For You

It is a whole new year and I am so ready for this! The first few days have seemed more like a fog but it’s really starting to feel like a new year now. We went to Catalina and the desert for our last week of 2016 and it was just what we needed to end out the year. It was relaxing, peaceful and rejuvenating. I’ve learned a few things and wanted to share them here. A full recap of our trip to Catalina is coming soon as well as a few fun projects I’ve been working on. But first, I’m sharing a few things I’ve learned or realized again the last couple of weeks.

1. Love Really is the Answer
If you go about something with love than that situation will resolve itself peacefully. If you approach something with anger, resentment, fear or any other lower vibration energy than you will get the same thing in return. This goes for self love as well. We need to fully love ourselves, faults and all, to truly experience love for ourselves and the people around us. It starts within. It is in you. If you are single and are looking for someone to make you happy – it won’t work. Make yourself happy. This goes for married people and couples too. If you are having doubts or issues, take a step back and find that love for yourself again. When you feel love for yourself it radiates from you, and you shine.

2. Life is Meant to be Fun
Have fun! Seriously people, if you don’t have fun everyday than that should change. Even through challenging times, there are ways to have fun. Sometimes people think life needs to be serious or well planned out and it really doesn’t. People need more fun. Let’s celebrate fun too! Little things, big things, whatever it may be. Enjoy and embrace all the fun.

3. You can Enjoy AND have a Purpose
Every person is here for a different reason. We all have a different purpose. Just because you have a purpose in life to help or serve others, or do whatever it is you do – it does not mean you do not get to enjoy all that life has to offer as well. I’ve been working on my purpose and making it a reality but I also realized that I still need to enjoy my life no matter what that means.

4. Set Boundaries
This has helped me with being a parent, a wife, a business owner and a friend. People will take advantage of you if you let them. It is up to you to set your boundaries. If you start complaining about how someone is treating you – it is time to set a boundary.

5. Do What Works For You
Here’s the thing, I like to share what I’ve learned with you, BUT I want YOU to decide what works for YOU. Sometimes I get caught up in reading books or blogs and start thinking OH! That is the way it should be. But these are just ideas and bits of inspiration to get you/me thinking. Also, clear any thoughts you have that are limiting you from being you. You are an adult and you make your own decisions. If you have thoughts that keep coming in from other people, your parents from when you were a kid or outside sources – let it go. It is time for you to shine.

This morning I woke up a good 20 minutes before the kiddos woke up. This is a practice that I started when my daughter was old enough to sleep through the night. This is the thing that completely helps to transform my day and sets me off on the right path. When I am woken up by them or if I don’t take time for myself in the morning than my day feels off. This is again, something that works for me. I start my day, my way. I have time to think, breath and set any intentions that I have for the day. Then I go on my way. I wake them up with full excitement to see their smiling faces and all is well. These little things really help and sometimes I totally forget until I do it again. Just remember – Do what works for you!

Normally by now I would have already created my 2017 Dream Board but I just haven’t felt the timing is right yet. I’m thinking I will create one next week and share it with you. I will also be participating in a Dream Board Workshop on January 19 from 6-9 with Louise Edu Coaching hosted by Mira Mesa Mom. I’d love to see you there! I will be sharing a little bit about my dream board process and my dream boards from the past few years.

Happy, Happy 2017! I wish you all the best for an amazing new year! xo – Bri


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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