Introducing Elli Quark: A New Kind of Cheese

This week I attended a breakfast with a few fellow bloggers at J Public Relations in their beautiful “Pink Palace”. Just walking into their office filled of bright pink walls puts a smile on your face. We were welcomed in a gorgeous conference room overlooking the San Diego bay. We met the lovely Preya Patel Bhakta who gave us all an introduction to Elli Quark, a new (to the US) low-fat cheese.

Elli Quark - A Creamy German Style Cheese

We sipped on Suja Juice mimosas and taste tested Elli Quark while listening to Preya. It’s similar to a greek yogurt but actually more of a cottage cheese without the curds. Elli Quark has 1/5 the calories of cream cheese and 2 times the protein of traditional yogurt. There is no added sodium or sugar and there is 0% fat. The flavored Elli Quark has stevia for a little sweetness, however the original flavor does not.

Elli Quark - A Creamy German Style Cheese


“Born and raised in California, Elli pasteurizes fresh milk from local cows free of rBST and forms into the irresistible cheese through an authentic German quark making process. While quark has inhabited Germany and most of Europe for centuries, Elli is making her home in the U.S.” 

Elli Quark can also be used in place of cottage cheese, sour cream, mayonnaise, butter and cream cheese in cooking. I seriously can’t wait to try cooking with it. It seems like it would be ideal in making something taste more creamy but with less fat. Think creamy mashed potatoes or cheesecake. Yum!

Elli Quark is currently available at Whole Foods in San Diego.

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  1. Ooh! I’ll be looking for this at Whole Foods!

  2. Yum! Sounds amazing. I can’t wait to get cooking with it. Sounds like a delicious topping for many dishes.

  3. Ohhhh this is something I need to look for – love when there are fewer calories, more protein…. does that mean it comes with a higher price tag?

    1. It seems pretty comparable. $1.99

  4. I definitely need to check them out. We heart more protein in our house!

  5. Sounds very interesting, and similar to greek yogurt. I recently tried to like cottage cheese again, but just couldn’t handle the texture. This sounds like something I might need to try. As a vegetarian, I am always looking for more protein options.

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