How To Organize Spices

How to organize spices

My spices cabinet has needed some help for a long time! I’m sharing how to organize spices today, so you can also clean up that dreaded spice cabinet too! I’ve broke it down into a couple categories of spices that I use most often and put all the spices into the same size jar with a simple label. You can download our free printable PDF to make your own labels at home too! 

How to organize spices

Get Organized

The first step in organizing your spice cabinet is to take all the spices out of the cabinet and organize by type of spice. I made rows of savory, sweet, herbs, spicy, earthy and odd. These don’t have to be super specific but it just helped me to see what all I had to work with. I also picked up matching spice jars and a few small tubs to place the jars in so it would be easy to pull out of the cabinet. I have a small thin spice cabinet next to the microwave, so I wanted to make sure I could grab items easily. 

all of the spices

You can see how my spices were organized before below. Almost every time I went to cook, I had to take tons of spices out to even find what I was looking for. Now that they are organized by type of spice and all the same size, I can easily find what I’m looking for. 
  spices before

I found a few spice jars and small plastic bins at Target. Then I made a paper funnel to pour the spices into the jars. I temporarily used a dry erase marker to write the names of the spices on the jars. 

paper funnel

spice organization

Spices Labels

After organizing all of our spices, I realized I needed labels for the spice jars. I made a list of all the spices I typically use and created a printable for you to use as well. Print the PDF on a single 8.5×11 sticker sheet and cut along the cut lines to make quick labels for your spices!

Download our Free Simple Spices Labels >

spice labels 

Once the spices are organize by the type of spices you use, you can place the jars into the bins and into the cabinet. I put the spices I use most often on the bottom and in the front. 

spices in the cabinet

I added the larger spices and refill bottles to another cabinet.

Organized Spices 

I’m so excited to finally have my spice cabinet organized! I hope you find this helpful. Share your organized spices cabinets with me on IG! xo, Bri 


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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