Gift Guide For Foodie Lovers & Aspiring Chefs

Foodie Lovers Gift Guide

I am so very excited to bring you this year’s gift guide! This one is for foodie lovers and aspiring chefs! As a foodie lover myself, I picked out a few items I would love to have and some items that are my favs. We also have gift ideas for the kiddos who are aspiring chefs.

Foodie Lovers Gift Guide

Foodie Lovers & Aspiring Chefs Gift Guide 

I included items from National stores like Target and some amazing products from local to San Diego businesses. These gifts would be awesome for anyone who likes to cook, spend time in the kitchen or try out new products. The kiddos will love getting started with kids chef knives or a baking set. I included clear tumblers because I found that the kids like to see what creations they make when they start cooking. I hope you find something for that special someone or grab yourself a fun gift for the season! 

Foodie Lovers & Aspiring Chefs Gift Guide

For our Foodie Lovers!

  1. Kitchen Goods from Shop Pigment
  2. Wooden Serving Tray with metal handles from Target
  3. Instant Coffee Packets from GetSupr
  4. A bottle of wine or wine tasting kit from Koi Zen
  5. Chefs Oils from Chefs Life
  6. Cook with Me by By Alex Guarnaschelli from Diesel Book stores
  7. Advent of the Cocktail Hour Chocolate Truffles from Trader Joes

For Our Aspiring Chefs! 

  1. Clear Tumblers for kids from Target
  2. Plastic Cooking Knives for Kids from Curious Chef
  3. Tiny Baking Set from Sur La Table
  4. Metal Truck Figurine from Target

Cocktail Chocolate Advent Calendar for Adults

As I was shopping around this week, I came across this cute chocolate truffle advent calendar from Trader Joes. This is the most reasonably priced advent calendar that I’ve seen for adults that is also fun! I immediately picked one up for myself. These are only $4 and would make for a super fun hostess gift for an upcoming holiday party paired with a bunch of flowers or a bottle of wine. Don’t forget to grab one for yourself!

I hope you have an amazing holiday season filled with tons of joy! xo, Bri 


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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