Food Lovers Gift Guide

What do food lovers LOVE more than anything? Gifts that have something to do with food. These gifts are also for any entertaining lovers in your life. I myself would be pretty darn happy to receive any of these super fun and foodiesque gifts. (I do already have the book though and its a good one!). My inspiration from these items came from this past year of events I have been to and memories shared with friends.

food lovers gift guide via @BriGeeski

1. Bird Dome Cake Stand 2. Bread & Wine by Shauna Niequist 3. Choctal 4. Graphic Tea Towels 5. Pitcher / Mugs by Oh Joy! 6. Gourmet Salt Starter Set

Have you started your Christmas shopping this year? I have the bulk of my shopping done. I just have my hubby and kiddo left with a few items needed for the rest of our family. I’ve really started to enjoy online shopping and all of these items can be purchased online. I have found it so much easier to make my list, check online for the best prices and then buy everything I need. Don’t get me wrong, I love browsing around in store but I really haven’t had the time for that lately. My kiddo is good for about 1-2 stores then it just becomes difficult to shop. I hope you like these picks and your food lover friends enjoy their goodies!

Happy December!


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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  1. Love that the bird dome cake stand us on sale too! Great list.

    1. Thank you! I want that bird cake stand, now.

  2. Jessie

    I would love anything on here! My kiddo is a little bit better now in stores, but like you said, he’s done after 2 stores. Even as a baby, he was not a fan. I am envious of parents who can stroll around the mall with their baby or toddler. Never was the case for me:) I’d rather shop online too, so I have enough time to think about what I’m purchasing:)

    1. I hear ya! 🙂 It is nice to shop in store, but solo is best for me too!

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