Fit for 7 in the Mazda CX-9

I haven’t always taken full advantage of all the seating in a 7 passenger vehicle till we tried out the Mazda CX-9. We received the Mazda CX-9 as a press loan during a pretty busy week for us in San Diego. I had meetings, playdates and parties to attend so it was the perfect time to try out a new vehicle.

A week with the Mazda CX-9

I offered to drive some friends and family to a super bowl party so all 7 of us packed into the Mazda CX-9. We had plenty of room and everyone enjoyed the ride. We had 3 groups of friends in one car which is pretty awesome. The guys had a good time crawling into the 3rd row. They are both over 6 feet but they had to go in the back since the littles are still in car seats.

3rd row seats

Car seats in

One of my favorite features of the Mazda CX-9 was the interior. I loved the contrast between the leather and suede.


The navigation and interior controls were super easy to figure out. Mark loved that the shifter had sport features and he could shift through different speeds.

Mazda interior

The exterior was also really nice. I loved the color: blue reflex mica. It is kind of a blue grey. The shape is a little longer looking than most small SUVs but still doesn’t look like minivan. (a major plus for me) 


Our fun filled weekend in the Mazda CX-9 included a date night for Mark and I at our neighborhood movie theater and Island’s Restaurant. We saw American Sniper. It was so good! The next night we drove some friends down to Monster Jam at Petco Park and then Sunday was the Super Bowl party. We had a really fun packed weekend and the Mazda CX-9 was perfect transportation for our adventures. The rest of the week was pretty normal. I had a couple meetings and one morning I even went on a Starbucks run for Mark and I. 

Starbucks Run

Our kiddo had a “snow day” at her preschool so she bundled up and we went to play in the fake snow for a couple hours. She loved every minute of it.

Off to snow day

Mark was super helpful in making sure I didn’t have to switch out the car seat with my ever growing belly. He said the instal was super easy with the latch seat anchors. I typically find that 3 row vehicles do not have enough space for groceries in the back but the Mazda had plenty of room for our shopping needs.


Have you driven the 2015 Mazda CX-9? It’s a comfy ride with plenty of seating!

I received the Mazda CX-9 as a press loan for one week as editorial consideration. All opinions are my own. 


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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  1. That looks awesome! I will keep this car in mind for road trips!

    1. Great! Let me know what you think!

  2. We were just thinking about what our next car will be. I was squeezed between two car sears in my little sedan the other night…..

    1. Yeah! Check it out!

  3. *seats not sears.

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