First Day of School

My kiddo is growing up so fast! Just last week she turned two. Then she got her first haircut. And yesterday she had her first day of school! It’s getting crazy over here. Where did my little baby go?! It kind of feels like all these changes happened overnight. She has also had a super fun new attitude the last few days. Joke.

first day of school

All kidding aside, it is super crazy to watch my kiddo grow. The day before she started school she had a few tantrums that tested every nerve I have. This seemed to make dropping her off the next day really easy. I had been worried that I would get upset and not want to drop her off. Strange how these things work out.

She seemed to really like her first day of school. The teachers said she did great and didn’t cry at all. The teacher said just a few minutes before you got here she said “Where’s Momma? I go home now.” Love.

I hope our next day of school goes just as well. Any special memories from your child’s first day of school? Leave a comment below!

Happy Thursday! Bri


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  1. I really need to get my big girl in school! She’ll be 4 in only 2 months. It is bitter sweet. Glad you had a good transition. Thinking of checking out the same place. Good job mama!

  2. It is so fun to watch them learn in a setting amongst friends and see them blossom into a little person.

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