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Wake up, kick ass, repeat! Yep, that’s my fall routine revamp plan. The school year is in full effect and this mom is kicking it into high gear with regular workouts, semi-healthy meals, planned downtime and incredibly fun activities for everyone. With all goals, a little structure and discipline in certain areas can provide the tools we all need to succeed. Am I right?! I have committed this year to creating healthy habits that last long term. Long term changes, from my experience, require small daily steps. Read on to find out more about my new routine that will instill longterm success. Thanks to Babblebox for sponsoring this post at the ideal time! 


My Workout Routine

Since summer is winding down and our regular school and work schedule is back in place, I always find this to be a good time for me to revamp my routine. We get pretty lax during the summer, which is totally fine, but it does feel good (for me) to reset in the fall. I like to go over my personal wellness, work and life goals. Last year, I committed to 1 Zumba class per week. That’s all. I wanted to make sure I could do it consistently.

Tools to Keep My Routine on Track

I’ve tried so many times to have a workout routine and it never lasts when I push myself too hard. This year, I’ve committed to adding 1 yoga class per week and 1 strength training day. This will be a total of 3 workouts per week because that is what I want for my body at this stage of my life. I want my goals to stick longterm. I want to keep these in place for my body, mind and soul. I’m also being flexible with myself when things in life pop up, as they always do. These open-ear listening headphones by Aftershokz sit over your ears for premium sound quality that doesn’t get in the way during a workout. 

An awesome sports bra like this one from She Fit has shoulder straps on velcro and zippers making it easy to adjust. I need a good sports bra that will stay in place like this one does. Feeling good in what I’m wearing, makes it more fun to exercise too! Snag 10% off with code BABBLE10. 

Creativity in Life With My Fall Routine

If you’re noticing a lot more painting and crafting going on here or on Instagram it’s because my focus on creativity has shifted a bit for my fall routine. I’ve rediscovered my love of painting and I’m trying to bring it back to my daily life. In the hustle of running a business and raising kids, my roots of painting got a little lost but I’m so excited to be finding ways to bring it back. I’m still going to be sharing fun recipes with you because I really do enjoy the art of creating food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The thing about nutrition and healthy living is that it’s all so unique to each individual. I’m excited to receive my GenoPalate report, which provides a list of food for DNA that best match my genes. Each of our paths, history and experiences are so completely different, so I’m excited to see which options are best for my body. Get $20 off with code BRI


I’m also finding hemp to be powerful in helping my body stay balanced. Their nutrition packed granola has lots of protein and Omegas. Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract with CBD works to promote wellbeing in the body. You can save 30% off with code Babblebox30 if you want to Buy CBD oil from Manitoba Harvest.

Fall Routine Balanced Nutrition

One last thing about nutrition for my fall routine, is that I’m moving on to eat well-balanced foods most of the time. I’m over trying to eat healthy, fresh made meals all of the time. I have so many exciting goals in life and I want to pursue as many as I can, which means that some seasons, I’ll be eating what’s easiest. And man am I grateful for Healthy Choice Grain Free Power Bowls to make my lunch moments easy, healthy and tasty! 


Lastly, I’m loving this Rosewater Facial Toner after my workouts! It is so refreshing and uplifting! Just a quick splash and my face is ready for some make up. It’s awesome for a little cool down after working out and feels like a restart to my day!

Fall Routine with Tools

I hope you’ve found some awesome tools for revamping your routine! 

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx.com. All opinions are my own. 


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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