Easy Meal Prep Breakfast Toppings

meal prep toppings

Our mornings are typically pretty busy so I love finding new ways to make breakfast time simple during the week. I’ve found a few tasty and healthy toppings that I’ve been using on just about everything breakfast related.

The most Easy Meal Prep Breakfast Toppings include dried cranberries, mini chocolate chips and shaved almonds. I found it easier to store these toppings in containers just like you would when you meal prep. I keep the toppings stored in one section so I can always grab them all at once. 

 bananas and peanut butter

You guys, I’ve been putting these breakfast toppings on everything from yogurt to oatmeal, pancakes or waffles. Today, I even put them on a pile of sliced bananas with a peanut butter drizzle. I’ve used these toppings to make cream cheese roll ups with tortillas too. 

breakfast toppings 

How To Make Easy Meal Prep Breakfast Toppings

The first thing you will need are great containers. I use these glass meal prep containers. I originally bought mine for snack dishes but I’ve really enjoyed using these to store things I use all the time. The clear glass containers make it easy to see the ingredients and it just feels more welcoming. I am not always this organized when it comes to food but lately, I’ve noticed it really helps in the long run to have a good system for things we eat regularly. I routinely will buy the large bags of dried cranberries, shaved almonds and mini chocolate chips to keep these dishes filled up. 

easy meal prep breakfast  

Having a regular healthy breakfast routine is so simple with these Easy Meal Prep Breakfast Toppings! For the sliced banana breakfast, I scooped a spoonful of peanut butter into a sandwich bag, cut the end off and drizzled the peanut butter on top. This is WAY faster than trying to individually add peanut butter to each slice of banana. Then just sprinkle each topping on top! 

meal prep breakfast toppings

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