Dream Big, Princess

I am all about following your dreams and listening to your heart. I think that is the biggest thing that separates each individual from others. We all have our own personal joys and thoughts. That is what makes us all unique. Sometimes things in society stray us away from being ourselves. We need to go back to ourselves and listen to what is inside us, then follow that. Our hearts and soul know what is good for us. I was approached to include a story about the new personalized edition of Disney’s Dream Big, Princess book. It was so exciting to receive a personalized book for my little girl, to help remind her to dream big. This book is seriously the cutest and I love that it has her name and photos throughout the book.

Dream Big, Princess

You should have seen her eyes light up when she saw her name on the cover of the book. Then she opened the pages and saw her photo and her name all throughout the pages of this fun princess story book. There is even a section in the beginning where you can personalize a special note. We included the note: “Dear Princess, We hope you always follow your heart and dream big. Happy 5th Birthday! Love, Mommy & Daddy”. Since her birthday is around the corner, I wanted to include some sort of timing so she would remember when she received this book when she is older.

disney book

Next up is the Princess Adventure Passport. There is a page that includes a list of all the princess’s in the story that you can cut out and mark off as you read. Then each section has a story about a princess and a section to write in. On princess Belle’s page there is a list of Belle’s favorite books and then there is a section right next to it for my princess to write her favorite books in. I love all the personalization and the activity that is also involved in this book.


There are also pages with cute reminders to Dream Big and Be YOU! I love that.


She is learning to read these days and really getting more into it. I love that she will just grab a book now and really look at the words and not just the pictures.


The Disney Dream Big, Princess book also has a section on the cover to include who the book is from. It was so fun and super simple to place an order for this book on Put Me in the Story. I totally recommend these books for a really neat personalized gift for any kid.

Remember: dream big, friends! xo – Bri

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