Doctor House Calls with Heal

Do you ever wish you could have a doctor come to your home instead of sitting in a waiting room to be seen? Well, now you can with the Heal App. Heal is an on-demand doctor house call app for adults and kiddos. I was hesitant to use this service at first, but after my little guy had a fever and I couldn’t get an appointment with our regular doctor, I opened up my app and had our first Heal visit. A licensed, primary care doctor came to our home and was there within 2 hours. I’m grateful to Heal for reaching out to us to learn about their app and bring you all the details about how it works. I love that they are available from 8AM to 8PM, 7 days per week. The app is very user friendly, they accept select insurance so you just pay your co-pay or they offer their everyday value pricing of $99 per visit. How great is that?

When my kiddos don’t feel well, I just want to make everything better. I do all I can at home before even thinking of seeing a doctor but sometimes it is necessary. My little guy had been feeling off for a few days and had a low fever. I wanted to make sure there wasn’t anything going on that I could not help with, so I used the Heal App and a doctor came to our home. It was so nice not having to go to the doctor’s office while he didn’t feel well.

How the Heal App Works
1. Download Heal
2. Create a Login & Password
3. Enter Patient Information: Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Contact Info
4. Select Service Type: Sick or Injured, Annual Physical, Flu Shot, Other
5. Schedule a time that works best for you (2 Hours or less / future time)
6. Enter Insurance or Payment Information
7. Request a Doctor

The App itself is very easy to use. It is clear and does not ask for a bunch of random details. They stick to the point and make it very simple. Heal is new(ish) to San Diego but they are working on adding more doctors as the need for services increase. Heal started out in LA and has had over 14,000 patients in CA. The only downfall I saw with the app was that I could not view the doctor information before scheduling the visit. This is something they are working on though and is in process. They do send a link after you schedule your visit to view the doctor details. I like that Heal can be used for a well check up for kids, an annual exam for myself or for when we are sick.

I received a text that my Heal doctor would arrive within 2 hours with a link to his bio. The doctor arrived in about an hour and a half. Each Heal visit includes a Doctor and a nurse or assistant. The doctor that arrived was very sweet, knowledgable and good with kids.

When they arrived they got right to work checking the little guy’s temperature, nose, ears, throat and heart beat. At the time, his temperature had gone down and everything else was clear. It was a relief to know he didn’t have anything else going on.

They told me a few things to keep an eye on and went on their way. They said to call them back if I needed anything else. I loved that we could sit in our own living room to wait for them to arrive. I did not have to frantically change my schedule, take my kiddo out when he wasn’t feel well or sit in a doctors office to wait our turn. They came to us. That really is great when you or your little ones are not feeling their best.

Have you tried the Heal App? What did you think?

This post is sponsored by Heal. All opinions are my own.



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