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  1. Being the selfless person I am, I would have my husband’s comic strip logo, Cool Jerk, on the jacket. He hates wearing jackets regardless of the weather and with this, he would definitely wear it.

  2. Love the jacket and would like a SmealRocks logo and name on the jacket, to help us advertise at the farmer’s markets.

  3. I would place our logo on it Ehret Electric. 🙂

  4. Elena Ashrafi

    I would put a small Spanish flag so that I can wear it to soccer games. : )

  5. The Comprendia logo, of course! I’m getting part of it tattooed on my ankle, I need the jacket to match!

  6. Mark

    I would have my TBS Racing logo put on the jacket to wear in the desert.

  7. I would add our Future Champions Golf logo to that jacket and wear it everyday and take a photo everyday of my jacket and add to facebook and twitter. What a great jacket I think Ill try and buy one anyway.

  8. admin

    Congratulations Elena! You have won the Holiday Giveaway! Thank you all for entering.

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