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In 2016, I found a new love for the healing properties of crystals, essential oils and food. I’m learning more and more each day and find the unique properties of the different items to be so fascinating. Today, I’m sharing a bit more about crystals. I first heard of Jess Kay Designs from attending BlogHer. I received an Aura Quartz Attunement Card in my swag bag from the conference. I didn’t really think much of it but the card said “You Are Magical”. It was beautifully designed with purple crystals surrounding the message. I shared an image of the card on Instagram and this is how I met Jess of Jess Kay Designs.

Jess ended up moving to San Diego shortly after. We met up for lunch one day and she introduced me more to her business. Jess not only makes beautifully designed cards, watercolor paintings and crystal jewelry but she also does crystal + energy healing sessions. I found this to be very intriguing and wanted to learn more about it. She offered a session so I could check it out and share my experience here with you.

“Crystal Healing is an amazing and gentle, yet extremely effective way to assist your body with healing, relaxing and clearing out stagnant energy, while promoting emotional and physical healing. I am a Certified Crystal Healer, as well as a Certified ThetaHealing Practitioner (energy healing), and I love being able to help people experience healing in a holistic way. I was originally drawn to both energy healing and crystals to help with my own healing journey, and later found that there was a huge need for me to help others as well. It is really heartwarming to have people reach out to me and trust me to help them with their healing/spiritual journey.” – Jess Kay Designs

Jess has a very kind soul and is all about helping others. She has a great love for crystals and their healing properties. I have learned a lot from her and really appreciate her kindness. We have become great friends and I’m happy to share more about her healing sessions with you. I went for my crystal healing session a couple weeks before Christmas. This was a great time to go with the rush of the holiday season. She really helped to clear out stagnant energy. I felt uplifted and at peace after leaving.

A crystal healing session can be compared to a massage as you do lay on a massage table. It has similar benefits but works with your energy through the crystals. She places crystals associated with each chakra on your body. She uses those cute pillows above to make sure the crystals stay in place. She puts grounding crystals at your feet and uses energy to help clear anything that is going on physically or emotionally in your body. I absolutely love working with chakras. I feel they have so much to tell us about our bodies. I have learned so much about how our thoughts and emotions can really effect our physical bodies. She can help clear your chakras and release energetic blocks that could be holding you back. Learn all about the benefits of crystal healing sessions from Jess. She also offers distance healing sessions which are just as effective, for those that don’t live near San Diego.

After the session I purchased this pretty crystal pendulum. It is pretty awesome. If you hold it above a paper with yes an no on opposite sides, you can ask a question and it will move and give you an answer. I’ve been working on my intuition and I find this to be helpful and fun!

Jess gave me this beautiful custom amazonite (for filtering stress and soothing energies) and lapis lazuli (for truth, inner power and intuition) necklace for throat chakra support included with my session. This helps bring continual support from the crystal healing session. I’m finding that I have a lot in my heart that I want to share but I often hold myself back – don’t speak up. This creates issues in the throat. I’ve learned a lot about spirituality, chakras, crystal healing and much more the last few months. I know in my head that some people find these things weird or strange so I often hold back about sharing this kind of stuff. The necklace is here to help me get over that and it really is helping. I’m ready to speak from my heart and shine in 2017!

Interested in trying a crystal healing session? Jess is offering 25% off a Crystal healing session, and/or session + jewelry package with Code brigeeski25. Crystal energy sessions are an awesome way to try something new, feel rejuvenated, refresh your spirit or align your chakras. I felt completely relaxed, revived and ready for the holiday season. It was completely uplifting and therapeutic! xo – Bri

This post was sponsored by Jess Kay Designs. All opinions are my own.



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