Cactus Chill Recipe from SkinnyTinis

Today we are featuring a special guest post from Teresa Marie Howes, founder of SkinnyTinis. Teresa is sharing one of her tasty cocktails from her book SkinnyTinis!

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Teresa at a San Diego Creative Connection event at West Elm. I won her book in a raffle and we ending up chatting about her book: SkinnyTinis. Teresa transforms your favorite cocktails into SkinnyTinis – the skinny or healthier version of your favorite drink. This week we are featuring the Cactus Chill! I am really into lemons and limes lately and I thought this drink sounded really refreshing. Teresa is working on a new drink featuring lime with coconut flavors – coming soon! 


Cactus Chill

This is a wonderful cocktail for the warm weather. It’s light and refreshing, but also has a pretty crisp kick with the tequila and the fresh lime. It’s 100% organic and all natural, so enjoy this SkinnyTini for its flavors and functional benefits.
11/2 ounces tequila
1/4 ounce agave nectar
1/2 ounce lime juice
2 3/4 ounces lime flavored sparkling water
Calories: 130
Directions: Pour the tequila, agave nectar, and lime juice into a highball or other cocktail glass and stir. Add ice and fill the glass with lime-flavored water. Garnish with a fresh lime and enjoy!
Skinny Tidbit: Agave has been used in Mexico as a natural sweetener for over a century and has recently been making an impact in the United States as a replacement for high-fructose corn syrup. You can find it at most health food stores. While it is not necessarily a low calorie sweetener with 60 calories per tablespoon, it is much sweeter than table sugar, so you get away with using up to 1/3 less – saving you calories. It is also much lower on the glycemic index, preventing significant surges in your blood sugar levels. Lastly, it contains inulan, which is a sugary fiber that increases satiety, lowers cholesterol and your risk of certain cancers. Not only does it aid in the absorption of Calcium by about 20%, it is also a pretty good source, containing 17% of the RDA in a tablespoon. Not only is this a great sweetener for this SkinnyTini, you may also want to try adding it to your morning coffee! Cheers!

Teresa Marie Howes of SkinnyTinnisTeresa Marie Howes is a health enthusiast, expert skinny mixologist, avid runner and published author. Backed with a formal education in nutrition and business and over a decade of professional experience consulting in the weight loss industry, she has an arsenal of tools, tips, and tricks and she can’t wait to share them!



I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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