Bon Affair on ABC’s Shark Tank 5/9

Bon Affair

As you know, I am a brand ambassador for Bon Affair because, well their beverages are amazing. I recently found out that Jayla from Bon Affair will be pitching her awesome products to the sharks on Shark Tank this week. This means big things for Bon Affair.

Bon Affair On Shark Tank

Bon Affair is a lighter, healthier alternative to a full-bodied wine. Jayla Siciliano, founder of Bon Affair wine spritzers from Solana Beach. The top-shelf, lighter option for wine drinkers has had success at Whole Foods, Nordstrom’s and Albertson’s. But expansion costs money, and a deal with the right shark could mean even bigger things for the San Diego-based company.

Watch ABC-TV on FRIDAY, MAY 9 (9-10PM) as she makes her pitch to The Sharks (Robert, Barbara, Mark, Daymond or Mr. Wonderful) and their 7.8 million prime time viewers.

What makes Bon Affair different?

  • California wine
  • Purified sparkling water
  • Electrolytes
  • Grape seed extract
  • 6.5% ABV (more than the average beer, less than wine)
  • Zero added sugar, half the calories of regular wine

Available in Sauvignon Blanc (my personal favorite) or Syrah, customers can buy Bon Affair online at (shipped to 43 states) or at retail in Southern California.

Bon Affair


Jayla is always looking for better ways to do life. She credits her friends at Diesel and Burton for inspiring Bon Affair. During seven years as a product specialist for those global brands, happy hour was an essential job skill. Jayla loved it—until one trip to Hong Kong. After two weeks of toasting co-workers, she woke up at 5AM with a new vision. She needed a lighter, everyday wine option that fit her professional, active lifestyle. The solution: Wine spritzers. The problem? A good one didn’t exist. So Jayla made it her mission. She quit her job to create a better, modern spritzer worthy of America’s awesome wine culture. Between MBA classes, she consulted beverage experts. The spritzer had to share her values—real wine, all-natural, zero added sugar. She added electrolytes (why not?). After four years, Bon Affair is fully realized. 


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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