Bath Time Fun For the Kiddos

Typically bath time in our house comes after dinner time, but lately we’ve been doing after school bath time and it is pretty great! It’s an awesome way to mellow out the little missy after a long day at school. Then they both get into their jammies and play. I like this for the rainy days when we are just going to be inside anyway. Otherwise they like to go play outside or we head out for an adventure after school. We’ve partnered up with Shelfie, a bathtub tray used to make extra space for bathtub fun and to help keep the water in the tub. The kiddos have been loving it and now like to make me bubble lattes!

The tray has one little sqeezy attachment and can swivel if needed. It typically just stays in place and is sturdy enough to hold quite a few toys or soap. The kiddos love their bubbles. Anytime they say they don’t want to take a bath, I remind them about bubbles. “Let’s go find the bubbles!” This usually gets them excited to have a bath again.

The tray is perfect for holding toys or playing with toys. It has a nice size ridge on the edge that will keep the water from pouring out.

His smile! I so love it. And those baby curls. He just got a haircut and does not have these anymore so I’m glad I got a photo of those curly blond locks. I’ll have to share a photo soon of his new hair cut. I can’t believe he will be 2 in a couple months!

My kiddos love the little squeezy toys that squirt water and anything that can pour water out. They use a lot of the tea set cups for bath play time too!

The little missy often asks when we get the bubbles going, “Mommy, what would you like to drink today?” “I’ll take a vanilla latte, please” “Ok! Here you go!” It really is the sweetest. I love these moments. The little moments that can seem so routine but are really the heart of growing up.

Do your kids have a favorite bath toy?

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