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Lucy and her Llama

Meet Lucy, Our New Yellow Labrador Retriever

We’re so excited to have you meet Lucy, our new yellow Labrador Retriever! She is so sweet and cute. We are so happy to have her here. We lost our sweet Ellie girl over the summer and have missed her so much. We’ve really missed having our Ellie girl around …

Easy Chia Pudding, Two Ways

We’ve been enjoying a lot of smoothies around here these days and have had chia seeds on hand. I thought it would be fun to make an Easy Chia Pudding with two ways of enjoying it. Chia seeds have a lot of nutritional value and pudding is really simple to …

Kids Fav Chili Recipe

Kids Favorite Chili

I’m so excited to share that Brian Baumgartner’s new book Seriously Good Chili Cookbook is out today! Also, our Kids Favorite Chili recipe is featured in the cookbook along with 177 of the best chili recipes in the world! This is the Brian that plays ‘Kevin Malone’ in the show …

vodka paloma

Peach Vodka Paloma Cocktails

My brother and his girlfriend introduced me to Paloma’s on our last trip to Cabo. It ended up being our drink of choice for the week we were there. Each restaurant had a different spin on the Paloma. My favorites were made with grapefruit juice and soda water or made …