Asian Fusion @ Wang’s North Park

Mark and I had a date night at Wang’s North Park right before I headed out for Vegas. We hardly ever have Chinese food so it was a nice change of pace. We enjoyed appetizers, dumplings, hot & sour soup, chicken and shrimp dishes AND dessert. I don’t know how we had room for dessert but we demolished it. Wang’s is located in the heart of North Park and combines traditional Chinese flavors with an Asian fusion. They also offer separate vegetarian and gluten free menu options.

Sampler Appetizer Plate

We were immediately surprised at how large the restaurant was. After reading a few reviews and doing a quick search online I thought the restaurant would be small but it is very spacious and has multiple areas. There is a bar, large booths across the back wall, a room of tabletops and even a second story private dining space.

Salt and pepper shrimp

The appetizer sampler was a good place to start. The menu is pretty large with a lot of great options. We really wanted to try the sriracha cream cheese wontons which do come on the sampler platter along with super tasty beef skewers, veggie rolls and a fun edamame hummus. We also had the salt and pepper shrimp which was really good and combined with a garlic topping.

Kung Pao Chicken

The Kung Pao Chicken had a great flavor but was a little on the salty side. We had some leftovers and when we enjoyed it the next day it didn’t seem as salty. Not sure how that happens. The Walnut shrimp was a good combination of salty sweet. I loved the giant walnut chunks mixed with the sweet pieces of shrimp.

Walnut Shrimp

The decor was very modern and mixed with some traditional pieces as well. There is a screen with asian inspired artwork rotating through that I could not stop staring at. I loved the posters on the back wall.

Decor at Wang's North Park

After all of this food we were incredibly full but I could not turn down a Two Wang Foo: Candied ginger & pear funnel cake with green tea ice cream, deep caramel sauce, and toasted almonds. We seriously could not believe that we finished this thing off after such a big meal. The dessert was balanced really well with the hot funnel cake and the cold ice cream. The fresh sweetness of the pears were a fun addition. It was OH So Delicious!

Apple Funnel Cake

Have you been to Wang’s? What’s your favorite dish?

Wang’s North Park
3029 University Ave.
San Diego, CA 92104
(619) 291.7500

We received a meal for media consideration. All opinions are my own. 


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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