All is Love at Pachamama in North Park

Ceviche at Pachamama

Well, All is Love at Pachamama in North Park, San Diego. The name itself is synonymous with “Mother Earth” and its roots extend from South America. The owner Vick said “Pachamama is here to give the best of us and create a healthy community through love. Be the best version of yourself, live a long happy life, while together we create a better future for our children. With dishes like house empanadas, tuna ceviche, dulce de leche alfajores and sustainable salmon, I couldn’t agree more! Today marks their 1 month anniversary in their beautifully designed North Park location. 

Ceviche at Pachamama

Pachamama, The Restaurant

The restaurant itself is modern, simple, welcoming and full of artistic elements. I love the use of fresh plants all around the outside and interior of the restaurant. The patio has several tables and a space for the kids to draw, plant seeds and move around. This is so incredibly helpful for my energy filled children. 

Chalkboard and Kids Space in San Diego Restaurant

I love when restaurant owners pay special attention to the needs of the customer. I am much more likely to go to a restaurant with a space for kids to be kids. The kids section is strategically located in the back of the patio with a fair amount of space for kids to move around, sit on the bench, color or play with the planting items. The kids were really excited about this space and loved having something fun to do while we waited for our food to cook. 

Pachamama Restaurant Interior

The interior is very well designed with fresh plants all around, unique fabrics and this gorgeous mural below. 

Pachamama Mural

Drink station at PachamamaEmpanadas    

South American Inspired Dishes at Pachamama

All of Pachamama’s dishes are 100% organic, made with whole foods and fresh ingredients. I cannot recommend the Salmon enough. We ordered the tango bowl with kale, arugula, roasted sweet potato and topped it with their sustainable salmon. It was seasoned and cooked perfectly. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a really great piece of salmon. Their house empanadas were my next favorite dish. The spinach and cheese was my absolute favorite but we also enjoyed the corn as well as the chicken empanada. We also tried the beautiful tuna ceviche. This dish is bright with color and flavor. 

quinoa fudge brownie

The Desserts

We enjoyed the quinoa fudge brownie and the dulce de leche alfajores. Both desserts were equally delicious and a must try! 

We really enjoyed our meal and the relaxed vibe at Pachamama. I hope you stop in and let us know what you enjoyed! xo, Bri 

Pachamama in North Park
3737 Adams Ave
San Diego, CA 92116

Monday — Thursday
9:00A – 9:00p
9:00A – 10:00P
10:00A – 10:00P
10:00A – 9:00P

We received a meal for media consideration. All opinions are my own. 


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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