31 Goals Check In

Back in August when I turned 31, I wrote a post that had 31 Goals for my 31st Year. Now that it has been a couple months I wanted to check in with my goals and see what I have accomplished and what I need to spend a little more time on.

31 Goals Check In

I am a firm believer in putting things out there in order to make them happen. We can’t just have a dream and not do anything about it. We have to focus on what we want and make it happen. Below is my list of goals and my progress this far.

1. Maui 2016 – This was one of my biggest goals of the year and I’m getting a little hesitant that I’ll be able to make this happen. Work was really slow in September and hit me hard on the financial side of things. October is looking much better so I am hoping by next month I can figure out if we can make Maui 2016 work. My alternative goal is to push Maui to 2017 and do a San Diego beach house vacation this year. It may be a little more feasible with 2 littles and we would save on the flight costs. I do love the vibes in Maui though… so we will see.

2. Start a weekly blog post to simply chat about life. (not sponsored and not forced) – Alright, well this has not exactly happened but it is what motivated me to post today. I also started a client spotlight to share information about my clients and what I am working on in the graphic design/ marketing world.

3. Focus my intentions for this blog – I feel like this is slowly working its way out. I recently attended the HP Print & Pamper Retreat and it reminded me that its okay to have different directions for the blog. Having a lifestyle blog means blogging about my life and it is okay that it is not a specific niche.

4. Take the kids to the Birch Aquarium – Yes! We went this week. It was so fun and I am so glad both kiddos got to go.

5. Camp at the beach – We have not camped at the beach yet and this probably won’t happen now till next summer.

6. Get back into zumba – I did zumba one time last week. Hey, its a start!

7. Get back into yoga – I have not yet got back to the gym yet. Soon.

8. Network – I have been networking a little bit again. I attended a San Diego Blogger Social, the HP Print & Pamper Retreat and this week I am attending the Mom’s Wow Summit.

9. More date nights – We have had a few date nights lately as well. Even if we haven’t gone out we have made more of an attempt to have alone time at home.

10. Eat more greens – I so have not even started this!

11. Design a BriGeeski postcard – My postcard is almost complete. I may finish it today if I get some time.

12. San Diego Taste – Events or T-shirts? Seriously no idea right now. Probably events. Someday. Because these days are too crazy to be planning events.

13. Less phone usage – I could still do better with this one.

14. Visit with Family – We visit with family as often as possible. Every Sunday has become Sunday Funday at my parents house.

15. Say no to things that do not help grow my family or business – Yes!

16. Get new glasses – Need to do this!

17. Be grateful everyday – Yes! When things get tough I try my hardest to look around and be grateful for all the wonderful in life.

18. Practice patience – I’m trying.

19. Chill with friends – A few friends and I started a girls and kids night. We have only done it once but it was so fun and much needed. Friends are really the best and make life so fun.

20. Go to dog beach – Not yet.

21. Put plants in the front yard planters – Need to do this. I really want to get our yard looking a little nicer. And I’m not even looking for too much but I need to do something. Home Depot if you are interested in sponsoring that project I would love you.

22. Create a nicer backyard space – Ditto to number 21.

23. Reupholster dining room chairs – Soon. Ish.

24. Declutter kiddos rooms – I’m not sure this will ever be possible. I did clean out James’ room a bit but as he is growing I can tell he will need even more cleaning out so he can have more space to crawl around and play.

25. Design more invitations for Etsy shop – Yes! I have been adding more designs.

26. Add vinyl stickers to Etsy shop – Have not gotten to this one.

27. More play time – Yes!

28. Grow social media following for the blog – Yes! I have been focusing a bit more on Pinterest and Twitter.

29. Spend more one on one time with kids and hubby – Yes! This seems like a duplicate goal 😉

30. Make photo books – Not yet.

31. Make art space with a chalkboard wall and painting area – Not yet.

Well, after reviewing all of these goals I feel like I have made pretty great progress. There are a few areas I need to focus a little more time and energy on but I am feeling good about it all. It really helps to write out my goals and assess my progress.

What are your goals for the year?


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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  1. This is awesome and so inspiring, Bri! You’re doing a great job, mama! Xo.

    1. Thank you Angela!! xoxo

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