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For the Love of Target

For the Love of Target

I’m not sure if I’ve ever shared about my love with Target but I realized recently that it has always been one of my favorite spots. When we started looking for houses a few years ago, Mark suggested Ramona. I very quickly reminded him that I need to live within 3 miles of Target. “Why?” […]

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Capturing Moments with Photo Books

Capturing Moments With Photo Books

I have this thing about taking photos of everything, mostly my kids and food. I share a lot about our adventures here on the blog and on social channels but I realized I wanted something tactical to hold on to. I reached out to our partner, Mixbook to help bring this post to life and […]

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My last baby

My Last Baby

The little sir will be turning 2 soon. I’m a little shocked on how fast time goes by sometimes. I feel like I just had him. I still call him a baby but in reality he is a toddler. He is running, playing and eating all the food. There are things that still make him seem […]

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Use the Heal App to call a Doctor to your house

Doctor House Calls with Heal

Do you ever wish you could have a doctor come to your home instead of sitting in a waiting room to be seen? Well, now you can with the Heal App. Heal is an on-demand doctor house call app for adults and kiddos. I was hesitant to use this service at first, but after my […]

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Bath Time Fun For the Kiddos

Typically bath time in our house comes after dinner time, but lately we’ve been doing after school bath time and it is pretty great! It’s an awesome way to mellow out the little missy after a long day at school. Then they both get into their jammies and play. I like this for the rainy […]

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Dream Big Princess

Dream Big, Princess

I am all about following your dreams and listening to your heart. I think that is the biggest thing that separates each individual from others. We all have our own personal joys and thoughts. That is what makes us all unique. Sometimes things in society stray us away from being ourselves. We need to go back […]

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Check out Kid Ventures in 4S Ranch!

What to Expect at Kid Ventures

I am so excited to announce our new partnership with Kid Ventures!! We have been going to Kid Ventures since they first opened their 4S Ranch location a few years ago. They now have a location in Liberty Station as well as Eastlake. For those who have never been, Kid Ventures is such a beautiful […]

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