Living Room Redesign : Paint

Our living room has been feeling like disarray for far too long. Our first few attempts at trying to make our living room look nice just really never worked out. Ugly dog throws, dead grass and toddler toys seem to fill up our living room on the regular.  


The non-contrasting blue wall and dark brown couch were really what bothered me most though. I was super excited to learn that Behr had come out with a new paint and primer in one called Behr Marquee. We received a swatch book and selected our paint from Behr to put our living room redesign in motion.


Our original vision for the living room was always good but the execution never quite came together. We used the Behr Marquee swatch book to find a color similar to the color we had used on our hallway (and loved) and found that Gravelstone MQ2-50U in Matte to be almost exactly the same color.


We got the paint and Mark started painting the very next weekend. I was so happy that he took over this project. He only used one thick coat of paint to cover the dark blue. The built in primer was super helpful. The finished product looked really nice. I was so happy to get a matte paint for the living room vs. our previous glossy finish.


Behr Marquee #BEHRMARQUEESince I live and work in the same room most days I feel it is very important to feel comfortable in my surroundings. It could also be the designer in me that needs a little change now and then. There is also something about Feng Shui and feeling good in your environment that makes other things in life just come together.

The color has made the room look so much bigger and brighter. I really needed this change and the room feels good when I walk inside. If you didn’t notice from that first picture, I had a blank canvas hanging on the wall. It was originally a purple flower that just didn’t quite blend in and one day I thought I would paint it to match better. I got as far as painting it white and putting it back up.

I really wanted to do something fun with it and finally got the idea to put a black and white print of my kiddo’s baby photo. I got the idea from Chelsea at Someday I’ll Learn. She had done something similar to the Whole Foods boards she made at the Sunset Millinial Blogger Summit I went to. This 24 x 24 inch print only cost me ~$4 at Kinkos.

Overall I am really happy with the color but the closer I took a look at our living room as a whole I realized there were some other items that could use some updating. I reached out to BoConcept – a company I recently met at the AIGA Y-Conference and I am so excited to share that we will be working together to finish up our living room redesign! I will be sharing our whole process over the next few months so keep your eye out!


What do you think of the color change?

We received paint from Behr for our project. All opinions are my own. 

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The Things, Places and Events

Things have gotten really busy around here. We have been introduced to so many fun things, places and events. I am going to start sharing “the things we love”, “the places we’ve been” and the “Not to miss events” on the regular. Every week I will bring the best of the best to you in one fun post.

Sometimes items are shared with us to check out. If we don’t love it we won’t waste your time by sharing it.

The Things We Love

The Things We Love

1. Fresh & Easy 2. Mama Bare 3. Hall Wine 4. Avitae 5. Slammers 6. Numi: Savory Tea

Some super fun things are happening at Fresh & Easy these days. The little lady and I went there earlier this week for a tour. Fresh & Easy was bought out at the end of last year and are now implementing new ideas to keep their items as fresh as possible while providing healthy convenience for their shoppers. They also now sell eggs with “laid on” dates. They are also providing more and more organic items.

Mama Bare bars are made especially for nursing, pregnant or on-the-go moms. They are made of fresh fruit, nuts and all natural healthy ingredients. These have been great for busy days when I don’t have time to make a snack. The slammers have been really helpful as an on-the-go snack for my kiddo. Each organic pouch is made with tasty fruit and greek yogurt.

When I went to ExpoWest a couple weeks ago I came across Avitae and Numi Savory Teas. I am excited about both of these products because they are so unique. The Avitae is a bottled water with caffeine in it. Caffeine!! I really like this product because there are no calories and it has caffeine in it. The Savory Numi tea bags are also really cool. I cooked some pasta with the tea and it gave it a really nice flavor and has all the cool benefits from green tea. I will have to post a recipe soon using these yummy teas!

Last but certainly not least is Hall Wines. MMm so good! The sauvignon blanc is really refreshing and crisp. The wine has hints of grapefruit, passion fruit, white peach and banana. I cooked a lemon pappardelle pasta from Trader Joes that paired perfectly with it.

The Places We've Been

Luce, Uncasked, La Jolla

1. Luce Bar & Kitchen 2. Uncasked at UTC 3. La Jolla Cove

Mark and I went out to dinner with my college roommate and her fiancé at Luce Bar & Kitchen. It’s a local gastropub located in Bay Park, San Diego. It’s definitely a spot to check out. They have a good selection of wine, beer and craft cocktails. Our favorite dish was the Cheeseburger and Fries – really good! I also had a pretty tasty and not too pricy charcuterie and cheese plate that paired well with the Cabernet Sauvignon I tried.

At the end of last week I gave away tickets to Uncasked at UTC. My bestie, my mom and I headed out to check out the festivities. It was a really fun event with beer tasting, paired bites and a few local musicians kept the party going. They had a really cool photo booth too.

My kiddo and I snuck away to La Jolla shores for a little afternoon break on Tuesday. The weather has been so beautiful lately. There were highs of 85 in San Diego, so we had to get out and enjoy the sunshine.

Not to Miss Events

#Sandiego #brunch Brockton Villa

1. Brunch @ Brockton Villa

We went to Brockton Villa this week for a blogger breakfast. Their famous coast toast and the new cinnamon roll pancakes were amazing! I also couldn’t get enough of the smoked salmon plate with dill cream cheese. Brockton Villa is located right above La Jolla Shores. The location and views are to die for. I can’t wait to go back for a date night with the hubby. They have brunch every Sunday and will have something a little extra special on Easter and Mother’s Day. Be sure to get there early and snag a parking spot along the coast.

I wrote this post on Friday and planned on sharing it with you then, but I went out of town for the weekend and the internet was not working so I will share a little bit about our trip with you next week :)

I hope you enjoyed this first edition of the things we love, the places we’ve been and the events not to miss! What was your favorite part of the week?

Enjoy, Bri

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The All New 2015 Honda Fit #FitForYou

Honda invited me to their 2015 Honda Fit National Press Introduction at the end of March. This was my first press trip and let me just say I would like to do more of these. It was a 3 day event set up for press and influencers to test out the All-New 2015 Honda Fit. The all-new Fit has been completely redone to accommodate additional storage, driver assistance technologies, audio display, fuel efficiency and overall interior/exterior presentation.

The Honda Fit #FitForYou

The event was held at Andaz, a super awesome hotel in downtown San Diego. It literally felt like Honda took over the hotel. When I arrived, I was greeted by a lovely lady that was working the logistics of the event. I was told to head straight to the Andaz Wine Bar for check-in and hospitality.

There were Honda decals all over the glass railings heading to the wine bar. As I walked in the room I immediately noticed that there was a car, in the middle of the bar, surrounded by lush areas to sit back and relax. I wanted to grab a glass of wine, sit back and check out the car but I had to head to my room to finish up some work before I could enjoy the festivities.

The Honda Fit #FitForYou

After checking out my amazing hotel room and getting caught up on work, I headed back down to the wine bar. I was introduced to a few people from Honda, the logistics company and the PR company involved in the event. Everyone I met was so nice. I felt right at home with all the warm welcomes and smiling faces. I finally grabbed a glass of wine and got to check out the car. I snapped some pics then we headed to Basic for the Welcome Reception, Vehicle Introduction and Dinner.

The Honda Fit #FitForYou

The all-new 2015 Honda Fit is a really cool car. From the outside, it looks pretty small but it actually feels bigger inside than my SUV. There is a ton of space, it’s comfortable and super functional. Julie Naylon, a professional organizer from No Wire Hangers was there to show us how much could actually fit into the Fit. She was able to fit 8 giant bean bags into the back of the Fit. She also showed us how the front seats lean all the way back and you can actually lay down in the car. The back seats can also fold up creating additional space. The flexible seating and storage allows the user to even put a long surfboard in the car. The engine is also pretty tiny compared to any other engines I have seen, allowing more space for the rest of the car.

The Honda Fit #FitForYou

I really liked all the colors that the new Fit comes in. Isn’t this bright yellow so fun?! There was a cute little set up of beach chairs, a cooler, beach ball and an umbrella to show what all could fit in the new Fit.

The Honda Fit #FitForYou

There were illustrators from Art Institute at the event doing live sketches of the Honda Fit. I thought it was so fun to see someone hand draw the car so precisely.

The Honda Fit #FitForYou

The next morning I headed to the top of Andaz to enjoy breakfast on the rooftop.

The Honda Fit #FitForYou

After breakfast we went into the Andaz Studio and received the Honda Fit Product Download – basically a more in depth introduction to the specifics of the car. It was so cool to hear from Honda PR as well as the project leader of body design, the electrical engineer for the display audio, and the senior product planner of the all-new Honda Fit. These people actually planned, designed and produced the new car and it was really special to hear directly from them about the car specifics.

Fun Facts

- Fit is Produced at 11 Honda Plants in 8 Countries and Sold in 160 Countries
- Total Global Sales is 76 Million Units
- The New Fit has 4.9 More Cubic Feet for Passengers than Previous Fit
- There are 4 Modes of Flexible Seating: Utility, Tall, Long and Refresh
- The Best-in-Class Fuel Economy is Achieved Through a New Powertrain and Platform
- The New LX Fit gets 33 City MPG, 41 Hwy MPG and 36 Combined
- The Fit is Class-leading in Quietness
- There are More Trim & Walk Features than Other Similar Models

The Honda Fit #FitForYou

At the end of the product introduction we received the #FitForYou photo contest instructions. The goal was to get to know the Honda Fit in a fun photography contest around San Diego. The added bonus was for each winner, Honda would donate $500 in the winners name to Special Olympics. How cool is that?! I personally love taking photos of what I am doing and sharing them with all of you. The categories for the photo contest were Fit For Technology, Fit for the City, Fit for Duty and Fit for You.

I partnered up with Jessica from That Tech Chic to drive the Fit together. We drove around all day and got to know each other and the Fit really well. Driving around San Diego in the Fit was so much fun. We snapped pretty photos of any sort of beauty we saw along the way. Then we stopped for lunch at The Boathouse Restaurant. After we ate we participated in the Fit Interactive activities.

For the first photo in the contest I did Fit For Duty. After driving around in the Fit I immediately thought that this car was Fit for the Beach. So I felt that Fit for Beach Duty made the most sense.

The Honda Fit #FitForYou

The Fit for Technology photo was taken in front of Scripps Center of Oceanography.

The Honda Fit #FitForYou

I had to do a Fit For Me photo with the San Diego skyline in the background since I live, breath and work in this City I love and call home. I didn’t end up winning the contest but it was so exciting to participate.

The Honda Fit #FitForYou

The navigation system kept us on track on arriving to our destination (even though we may have been late). The lane watch display was also really helpful. Whenever I switched lanes the camera would appear so I could see my blind spot in the display. The rearview camera helped when I had to back out of a parking space.

The Honda Fit #FitForYou

The Honda Fit #FitForYou

We learned all about the interior of the car, the safety and driver technologies and the display audio with NAVI systems. There is a USB / bluetooth wireless connection, hands free voice recognition system and a satellite-linked navigation system with continually updated traffic information. You can even sync your phone to the car and display your apps.

The Honda Fit #FitForYou

After driving around the all-new 2015 Honda Fit throughout the day, I felt really familiar with the car. It was really easy to drive, had tons of room for all my stuff, and had really helpful features. Have you driven a Honda Fit? What is your favorite feature?

I was invited to a press introduction. All opinions are my own. 

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