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Regents Pizzeria

San Diego typically serves up New York style pizza (thin crust). I actually never even had Chicago style pizza (deep dish) till a few years ago. I completely love Chicago style pizza and I wish it was available in more areas of the city. The cool thing is that Regents Pizzeria in UTC serves up both styles. If you have never given Chicago style pizza a try, now is your chance.

Regents invited me and my family in for a sampling of their menu items and it was delicious!

Regents Pizzeria UTC

See that tasty looking pizza above? That is what Chicago style pizza looks like. Thick, covered in sauce and filled with toppings on the inside. Regents offers up a variety of different New York and Chicago style pizzas. The meat lovers Chicago style pizza was by far my favorite! I also tried a fig and cheese New York style pizza which was quite delicious.

Regents Pizzeria in UTC

Regents Pizzeria prides itself on their homemade, freshly made recipes. They don’t even have a freezer. Their pizza dough is made every day in a big giant mixer. Their sauce is made with premium tomatoes and fresh herbs. Their ovens were imported from Silea, Italy so they could get the perfect crisp on their crusts. Aside from pizza, they also serve up a large appetizer menu, salads, pasta, sandwiches and even zuppa di giorno.

Regents Pizzeria has salads, chicken, pasta and more!

Regents also has an extensive craft beer menu which is on a seasonal rotation. They have $5 cask pours every other Wednesday at 5PM. I love that their tagline is: Eat More Pizza, Drink More Beer, Be More Happy.

New York and Chicago Style Pizza in San Diego

We had a great time sampling their items and can’t wait to go back for more Chicago style meat lovers pizza. Our other favorites were the rigatoni chicken pesto pasta, the walnut gorgonzola salad and the toasted goat cheese salad. Check em out!

Regents Pizzeria
4150 Regents Park Row #170
La Jolla, CA 92037
PH: 858-550-0406

We received a meal for media consideration. All opinions are my own.


My Favorite Baby Gear Items

With my first kiddo I picked out a diaper bag that looked just like any pretty diaper bag. It was big, bulky, lime green and not very functional. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing with kiddo number one or my diaper bag. Now that I’ve done this before, I know what is essential for me and what is not.

The first thing I looked for was the diaper bag. I wanted something black and sleek with pockets. I searched online and read many reviews. I came across the Skip Hop Diaper bag from Target and it looked great. It was a little more expensive than some of its competitors but it is still affordable. I wanted a bag I could use for diapers and my purse and not have to carry two bags. Now that I have been using it for 2 months, I love it!

There are so many baby gadgets out there that it can be overwhelming to select what you really need. I put together my favorites to help out any other first time moms or moms who have forgotten what is really essential. These are items that I have grown to absolutely love and use almost everyday. Of course you can get away with not having some of these items but these are my essentials and they just help make life a little easier with a baby.

My favorite baby gear items.

1. Skip Hop Diaper Bag, 2. Rock and Play, 3. Swaddlers, 4. Carrier, 5. MAM pacifiers, 6. Lightweight blankets, 7. burp cloths

We use the Rock and Play all the time. It is very lightweight and perfect to bring him around from room to room when we are trying to get things done around the house. I love the Ergo Swaddlers for infant size. They help to hold the arms in close but let the legs move around. I received a pair from the Sits Girls Baby Bloggy Boot camp. I also received the Ergo baby carrier and absolutely love it. This is not a sponsored post by the way. I just really like these products. I have been using the carrier for a week or two now that baby James is over 13 pounds. He fits really well in it and I have even figured out how to nurse in it. Awesome!

My last 3 favorite items are the MAM pacifiers, the Aden and Anais lightweight blankets and the burp cloths from Babies R Us. My little guy latched right on to the MAM pacifiers. I also love their cute little designs. I have always seen the Aden and Anais blankets but never used them with my girl. I received a pack for my baby shower this time around and love them! They are perfect for summer because they are so lightweight. I always keep one in my diaper bag to use as a blanket or a cover when he is nursing. The burp cloths are actually called cloth diapers and I have no idea why but they work fabulously for cleaning up spit up.

Well there you have it – my favorite baby gear items. I hope you find this useful. Happy Weekend! – Bri


Easy Fourth of July Party 

This post is sponsored by Hebrew National.

I love a good BBQ especially on the Fourth of July. This year I’m keeping it simple and delicious with an easy menu, a fun party playlist and a sparkling drink everyone will love. I’m busting out the Hebrew National All-Beef  Franks and cooking up some quick potato fries, a festive fruit salad and a refreshing lime + mint soda.

The Menu

Grilled Hebrew National All-Beef Franks – You have to grill these for the best flavor and optimum flare. Your guests will love you for picking up the tasty dogs.
Potato Fries – Grab a bag of red potatoes from the freezer isle so they are already chopped. Then you can toss them in the oven (or toaster oven) and you have yourself a tasty and quick side dish
Festive Fruit Salad – Slice strawberries and combine with blueberries then top with a few pieces of jicama cut with a star cookie cutter. Your guests will think it took you forever but it’s so quick and fun!
Lime + Mint Soda – I am a huge fan of soda water so I like to mix it up. Pour lime flavored soda water over ice, squeeze mint into the glass and drop in a few slices of strawberry and blueberry.

The Music

Budapest, George Ezra
Fun, Pitbull
Bright, Echosmith
The Night is Still Young, Nicki Minaj
Trap Queen, Fetty Wap

I picked up a few mini flags from Target for just a couple dollars to throw on the table for a little added fun. These really bring the feel of the Fourth to the party.

I hope you all have a fun and safe Fourth of July! Enjoy your weekend and Happy BBQ’ing!

The combination of franks and these toppings may not be Kosher.

Hebrew NationalWhat makes a Hebrew National Kosher hot dog premium? It’s all about what makes the cut (And what doesn’t). We’re choosy about what goes into our franks, we use only premium cuts of 100% kosher beef from the front half of the cow and then choose the best from that. No artificial flovors, colors, fillers or by-products. When your hot dog is Kosher, that’s a hot dog you can trust! For more summer fun with Hebrew National, visit facebook.com/hebrewnational

This is a sponsored post with Hebrew National Kosher Hot Dogs. All opinions are my own.


A D&C at 6 Weeks Postpartum 

I feel the need to tell this story because it is something I wasn’t expecting. I spent the day in the hospital yesterday after having some excessive bleeding. The great news is that I am home now and SO happy to be out of the hospital.

This may be a little TMI for some but for others it may help to know what it is.

D&C : Dialation & Curettage

“Dilation and curettage (D&C) is a procedure to remove tissue from inside your uterus. Doctors perform dilation and curettage to diagnose and treat certain uterine conditions — such as heavy bleeding — (my case) or to clear the uterine lining after a miscarriage or abortion.” – Mayo Clinic

My Story

I had a regular vaginal delivery with baby boy James and my healing the first 5.5 weeks all seemed pretty normal. Last Friday I started bleeding heavier but not too bad. The Drs said it was fine, it’s just my body getting rid of everything from having a baby. They mentioned it could also be a period but even after going to the doctor Wednesday, she still thought it all looked fine and was normal. My dr is really great and she looked around and everything did still appear normal. She expected the bleeding to stop within a day or two and also suggested it could be a period.

The rest of Wednesday things lightened up a bit till I showered then the flow and clots started up again. By Thursday morning things seemed slower again so I packed up the kids and I and headed to a coffee shop in North Park before I was planning on looking at a new vehicle. While we were at the coffee shop, things got really heavy. I’ll spare you the details but we had to jet out of there quickly.

I got the kids in the car, called my doctor to see what to do, put my phone on speaker and started driving home. The doctor had me on hold a few times to get all the details. She determined over the phone that I should probably have an ultrasound to rule out the idea of any placenta or foreign pieces in the uterus. She mentioned if there was nothing in there that she could prescribe a medicine to slow down the bleeding. She was on the phone trying to also set up a ultrasound for me as I arrived home and called for Mark to help me get the kids out of the car.

I went to the bathroom to change the two pads I had put on at the coffee shop and I had gone right through those and to my shorts. As I sat down to clean things up I had a clot bigger than a golf ball. This is when I really got scared and informed the doctor who I was still on the phone with. I told her what happened and she said to go straight to the ER.

Mark and the kids brought me to the ER. I checked my self in and they took my vitals. Then they said to wait so I could get my blood drawn and get an ultrasound. It was past time to nurse baby James so I had to ask the ultrasound tech if I could feed him first. Thank goodness I could feed him because he was starving by the time we got there.

After they did an external ultrasound they then did a internal. I could see stuff on the screen but the tech said he couldn’t tell me anything and the doctor would let me know. A little bit later we went in to a room in the ER and the doctor came in to say there was still “stuff” inside and that they would need to do a D&C. I was slightly relieved because I really felt that the bleeding just seemed like too much at this point and I really didn’t think it was a period since I’m breastfeeding and I never had one with Kyla till a year after delivery. On the other had I was scared to have any kind of surgery or operation. The thought of being nocked out and not knowing if I could breastfeed my baby was scary.

Later the OB doctor came to explain everything more to me. I felt much better after getting a few things clarified. She said it’s really only a 10 minute procedure and that it takes the longest just to get set up in the operating room and get the anesthesia going. I asked her the risks and she said if they hit something and got excessive bleeding that they would then perform a histerectomy (yikes). Thank god it did not get to that point. She also said I could nurse all the way up to getting the procedure and I could feed him after as well.

They then sent me to a room to wait for an open time in the operating room. I arrived at the ER around 11:40, had the procedure at around 9 and was home by 11:30 or so. I was only in the operating room about 30-45 minutes and some of that was recovery time. It was a quick and painless procedure. The worst parts were the IV stuck in the crease of my arm all day, and going pee afterward. (They had put a catheter in) after the third time I peed that stopped hurting too.

My mom, dad and Mark took excellent care of our kiddos and I would have been totally lost without their support.

The OB doctor said the procedure went very well and there was no way to tell if it was actually placenta left in there or “the mother of all periods”. Either way she said it was good to remove everything that was stuck in there. By my next appointment in two weeks they will find out from pathology what exactly it was causing the excess bleeding.

Now I’m home and have to recover. So far I’m feeling fine. I rejected the offer of a Percocet at the hospital because I didn’t have too much pain and I really don’t like those. I do have some strong Motrin I can take if I do have more pain. I took one when I got home last night. We all slept well and I’m feeling good this morning. I plan to take it slow and rest today.

I am overly grateful for the doctors, my family, God and my angels above for looking after me during this whole process. I couldn’t be happier to be home and able to feed my baby. I can’t wait to see my girl when she gets home from school today. She was such a trooper during the time she was in the ER with us.

This Saturday is supposed to start our vacation. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I continue to feel good so we can enjoy this week off as a family.

Thanks for listening! Enjoy the weekend! 

– Bri


Hosting an Easy Summer Kick Off Party

This post is sponsored by Hebrew National.

I am so glad summer is here! Earlier this week I hosted a super easy and fun summer kick off party and I wanted to share a few simple tips for making your next party a success. I love to host parties but I hate to still be in the kitchen cooking when my friends arrive. I’m always looking for ways to get the food and fun prepped before the party starts.

The key to an easy summer kick off party is a simple, tasty and fun menu. I decided on Chicago Dogs, potato chips and blueberry mint lemonade. I love this menu because it’s just a little different than the average hot dog and burger summer menu plus it adds a lot of fun flavors. I used Hebrew National All-Beef Franks because they are super tasty and really pack a punch with flavor. See below for our Chicago Dog recipe + our simple blueberry mint lemonade.

Simple Blueberry Mint Lemonade  

3 parts Lemonade
1 part Lime Soda Water

Mix lemonade and lime soda water in a glass. Top with ice, blueberries and fresh mint.

Chicago Dogs

Hebrew National All-Beef Franks
Hot Dog Buns
White Onion
Pickle Spears
Sliced Banana Peppers
Celery Salt

Chicago Dogs are super simple to make, they just require a handful of toppings that you probably even have in your fridge. First grill your hot dogs and your buns then drizzle with mustard. Next add sliced tomato to one side and a pickle spear to the other side. Top with a few banana peppers, relish and chopped onion. Sprinkle the top with celery salt and you have yourself a delicious Chicago dog – perfect for any summer party!

The combination of franks and these toppings may not be Kosher.

 What makes a Hebrew National Kosher hot dog premium? It’s all about what makes the cut (And what doesn’t). We’re choosy about what goes into our franks, we use only premium cuts of 100% kosher beef from the front half of the cow and then choose the best from that. No artificial flovors, colors, fillers or by-products. When your hot dog is Kosher, that’s a hot dog you can trust! For more summer fun with Hebrew National, visit facebook.com/hebrewnational

This is a sponsored post with Hebrew National Kosher Hot Dogs. All opinions are my own.


Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill Now Open in Hazard Center

Earlier this week I took the little mister out for his first mommy son date and new restaurant review. We went to the recently opened Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill in Hazard Center/ Mission Valley. The restaurant originates in the LA area and opened their first San Diego location in May. 

I ordered the BBQ chicken potato skins and a coke right away. I haven’t had a coke in a year! (It’s crazy all the things preggos aren’t supposed to have). The potato skins were absolutely delicious. The skins were perfectly crispy and topped with chunks of Wood Ranch BBQ chicken, cheese, red onion and parsley. These are a must try friends. 

Wood Ranch BBQ offers a pretty good size menu filled with appetizers, salads and their specialty: BBQ. I ordered the tri tip and brisket with a side of Mac n Cheese. My family makes an awesome tri tip which has always been my favorite BBQ but we do it with a dry rub. Wood Ranch serves theirs covered in BBQ sauce. It was good but my favorite was the brisket. It was thin, sliced, dry rubbed and smoked. Yum!!  


The backside of Wood Ranch overlooks the San Diego trolley. This place makes for an awesome lunch spot for the locals. 


And for dessert I tried the Oreo blast. This tasty creation is vanilla ice cream balls rolled into Oreo crumbs on top of a thick chocolate and caramel sauce. Such a fun dessert to share with friends. 

Fun tip – this place has a full bar and lots of seating. It’s a great spot for a group to enjoy a tasty meal of BBQ. 

I received a meal for media consideration. All opinions are my own.