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Put Yourself First

Follow Your Heart

Last week, I took a step towards my dreams and created a Facebook group called Follow Your Heart. I created the group because I feel a strong passion to start living out my soul purpose in life. I’ve been successfully running a graphic design and marketing blog for about 5 years now and have been overly blessed and […]

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A New Year, A New Look

It’s a new year which is a great time for new beginnings! I’m so excited to be starting this year off fresh with so many fun ideas brewing for my business and life. We all have the same amount of time in a day to accomplish what we want in life. I believe if you […]

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Crystal Healing with Jess Kay Designs

In 2016, I found a new love for the healing properties of crystals, essential oils and food. I’m learning more and more each day and find the unique properties of the different items to be so fascinating. Today, I’m sharing a bit more about crystals. I first heard of Jess Kay Designs from attending BlogHer. […]

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do what works for you

It’s 2017!

It is a whole new year and I am so ready for this! The first few days have seemed more like a fog but it’s really starting to feel like a new year now. We went to Catalina and the desert for our last week of 2016 and it was just what we needed to […]

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Mixbook acrylic print

Acrylic Prints

Our good friend, Tony took family photos of us a couple months ago and I love how they turned out. I was skeptical since the weather was a little gloomy but the photos ended up awesome. I love the bright light in each image. He really captured our true essence. After we received the images […]

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flower child in del mar

Flower Child in Del Mar

Flower Child just opened in Del Mar. Their slogan is Healthy Food for a Happy World. How great is that? I love it. The restaurant is beautiful inside and out. They are bringing locally sourced, organic fruits + veggies and naturally raised proteins into a fresh new concept. This is like a breath of fresh air. […]

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Cranberry Cookies

How is December already here? Well, you know what that means?! It is time for the holidays and baking of course. I’ve partnered up with Annie’s Homegrown for their first annual “Great Bunny Bake Off”. It is an Instagram competition, celebrating holiday treats and I chose to make a spin-off of sugar cookies with some […]

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