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Pursue Your Passions

Pursue Your Passions

I couldn’t fall asleep last night. I didn’t know what it was but I think I just had so many thoughts racing through my mind about what I’ve been up to. I have not blogged as much lately. I have been more focused on my kids, my client work and getting ready for the workshop […]

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Art Alive 2017

The San Diego Museum of Art’s 36th annual Art Alive, an event in which floral designers transform famous works of art from their permanent collection into beautiful floral displays, returns April 28–April 30, 2017. Art Alive is the Museum’s signature fundraiser that provides support for education, outreach programs and special exhibitions. More than 100 floral designers from […]

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brigeeski workshop May 21st at 10AM

BriGeeski Workshop // Painting + Wellness 5/21

Are you ready for a day of wellness and relaxation?! I am so excited to introduce: BriGeeski Workshops, heart centered events created to bring together women who want to thrive in their lives. The workshops are designed to encourage women to follow their hearts, pursue their passions and enjoy all aspects of life. The Painting + […]

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My last baby

My Last Baby

The little sir will be turning 2 soon. I’m a little shocked on how fast time goes by sometimes. I feel like I just had him. I still call him a baby but in reality he is a toddler. He is running, playing and eating all the food. There are things that still make him seem […]

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Heart Space

Get into Your Heart Space

Get out of your head and into your heart. Following your heart means trusting your intuition. Trusting your gut. Trusting your inner knowledge. It means knowing. Knowing without logic. That feeling you get when you just know. That is your heart space. You don’t have to have an explanation for everything. Trust in yourself.

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What is Wellness?

I recently found myself wondering how people define wellness. Do we all perceive it differently? Of course we do. We are all human and we all have slight variations of our beliefs. I view wellness as continuously taking care of ourselves and enjoying all aspects of our lives. I did a little research and wanted to share some […]

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Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart Tanks

EEEEK! I am so excited to be offering Follow Your Heart tanks! This is a dream come true. I have always thought about creating t-shirt designs with my favorite phrases and now I have my first design ready and available! I am all about following your heart and that just had to be my first […]

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