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Barbusa in Little Italy

New to Little Italy – Barbusa

The Busalacchi family’s latest Sicilian restaurant, Barbusa just opened up in Little Italy. Barbusa is taking place of their previous Italian steakhouse Po Pazzo. Barbusa is offering up lighter and more traditional Sicilian food with a contemporary spin. They are sourcing their food from local farms and purveyors. They are making their pasta in house and all cured […]

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A Week in Big Bear

We spent a week in Big Bear the week before the Fourth of July. It was such a great week. I was able to get work done while the kiddos played with grandma and grandpa in the mornings and then we adventured around in the afternoons. We explored some indoor fun activities as well as […]

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Remembering to Take Me Time

When life gets really busy it is so easy as parents to forget about ourselves. Over the last few months my hubby has been working out of town a lot. This has been a much harder adjustment for all of us than I thought it would be. I think I’m finally accepting that this is […]

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Be a Host on Airbnb and earn money!

Hosting on Airbnb

Hey, San Diego! Have you ever thought about renting a room out in your house or your whole home to make a little extra money? Did you know you could do this for a day at a time or even a month? Airbnb makes it super easy to do just that and right now they […]

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Get the Shrimp at Pacific Beach Fish Shop

Pacific Beach Fish Shop

I have been all about seafood lately and looking for good spots around San Diego to enjoy a tasty meal. Pacific Beach Fish Shop invited us over for a tasting and we found some unique and delicious seafood options. My absolute favorite dish of the night was the Fish Shop Shrimp. The kidlets, my mom and I […]

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big one

Whale Themed First Birthday Party

My little guy is officially one! We had a fun whale themed first birthday party to celebrate his amazing first year. I still can’t believe he is already an entire year old. That is pure craziness. It goes so much faster the second time around. The little missy will be 5 this year, 5!!! Anyway, […]

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