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Have you heard the news? NINJAGO® World at LEGOLAND opens this Thursday, May 5th! NINJAGO World includes 5 new interactive attractions including NINJAGO The Ride. The new world also offers Asian inspired food at NINJA Kitchen and a souvenir store, Wu’s Warehouse. Part of being a LEGOLAND blogger is getting the inside scoop and sneak peeks of the park’s happenings. Friday we attended the press preview of NINJAGO WORLD thanks to LEGOLAND. We had so much fun learning about this new world and visiting the park afterwards.


I hadn’t been to LEGOLAND since the little missy was 2. (Check out our trip with a 2 year old) It was a whole new experience taking a 7 year old, 4 year old and an almost 1 year old. My brother and niece came along with the kiddos and I for a fun filled day of exploring and checking out the new world. We went for a preview of NINJAGO World right when we arrived to the park. We were happily greeting with delicious fare from the NINJA Kitchen.

Banh Mi Vietnamese sandwiches on fresh baked baguette

We tried the Banh Mi Vietnamese sandwiches on fresh baked baguette and the steamed Bao Buns. You get your choice of crispy pork belly, lemongrass chicken or baked sweet chili tofu. They were seriously delicious! LEGOLAND really has tasty food. It would be nice if other theme parks would follow their lead on this.

steamed Bao Buns

Part of the introduction to the new world included a Sensei who introduced the four main ninja’s that the world is created around: Kai, Jay, Cole and Zane. They represent fire, lightning, earth and ice. NINJAGO World’s attractions are designed to test guests balance, agility, speed and creativity.

Preview of Ninjago

NINJAGO The Ride helps people to demonstrate their ninja skills by using their hands verses a hand-held device. Heat, smoke and wind are part of the 4D ride experience. 4 guests can ride in each vehicle and are taken through 13 different ninja scenes. LEGOLAND’s principle is ‘hands on, mind’s on’ which helps the imagination flourish.

NINJAGO the Ride

The girls were a little scared during the ride but seemed to like it after we got off. My kiddo has been doing ninja moves ever since we attended and has even set up games at home that include finding “the ninjago”! I totally recommend you check it out the next time you visit LEGOLAND California. We had a blast!

legoland ninja

After we checked out NINJAGO World, we explored the rest of the park. We had SO MUCH FUN. LEGOLAND really is a great place for young kids. They had so much to do and there were so many rides my 4 year old could ride. There were even some she could ride by herself. I rode with her on any that needed an adult or she rode around with her cousin. Even my almost 1 year old had a great time. There are lots of places where he could get out of the stroller and explore.

bri and kiddo  legoland colors and fun for toddlers

I’m so happy to be a LEGOLAND Blogger this year. It is so fun to bring you the latest news from the park.

legoland girls

Are you excited for NINJAGO World at LEGOLAND? 

I am a LEGOLAND Blogger and I received admission to the park for media consideration.


5 Reasons to Visit Knotts Berry Farm

After leaving Santa Barbara, we spent the afternoon at Knotts Berry Farm for our last day of our spring vacation. Mark and I hadn’t been since we were kids and we wanted to take our kids somewhere different to explore. We had a fun time adventuring around camp snoopy, noshing on treats and riding rides. Visit Buena Park got us all tickets for a day to check out the park. We had such a fun time that I want to share 5 reasons why you should visit Knotts Berry Farm with your family.

5 Reasons to Visit Knotts Berry Farm

We arrived around 11 am as we hit a bit of traffic coming down from Santa Barbara. We still had plenty of time to enjoy a fun afternoon at the park. Since our kiddos are still little, we don’t quite need a full day at theme parks, just yet. Camp Snoopy was the best area for our family to enjoy the rides and views. The little missy, who is now 4 loved the water features almost as much as the rides.

5 Reasons to Visit Knotts Berry Farm

1. Cost: Tickets to Knotts Berry Farm are pretty reasonable for a full size theme park. Tip: Purchase your tickets online and you can save $29.

2. Excitement Level: Knotts is great for all ages. There is a little something for everyone and the excitement level for each age is the same. My four year old was just as excited as I was for a visit to Knotts.

3. Variety: Everyone has their go to theme parks but I think the kids really like to check out new places, I know I do. Knott’s Berry Farm is full of rides, games and new play areas to check out.

4. Location: Knotts Berry Farm is located in Buena Park which is in Southern California. There are other theme parks, beach destinations and tons of hotels right in the neighborhood so it is a great place to plan a vacation around.

5. Snoopy!: Who doesn’t love Snoopy?! I asked the little missy what her favorite part of Knotts Berry Farm was and her response was Snoopy and the rides. Good answer!

knotts berry farm in spring

The little missy loved the mailbox and the plane rides. We also rode on the school bus and took photos with snoopy. Snoopy was dressed as the snoopy bunny since Easter was just a couple weeks prior to our visit. She thought that was the coolest! We grabbed some burgers and fries at the Coaster Drive In after taking a ride on the bumper cars. Since it was Spring Break week, I think the park was a little more packed than normal. The little missy made the best of it and danced while waiting in line. It was the cutest!

joy of knotts

It was Boysenberry Festival at the time we went. They offered all sorts of desserts and savory dishes with boysenberry. We had the purple cotton candy which had a boysenberry flavor but my favorite was the jam we brought home. I bought a couple bottles of their famous boysenberry syrup for the fam. We had such a fun visit to Knotts Berry Farm and can’t wait for our next trip!

knotts roller coasters

Have you been to Knotts Berry Farm recently? What’s your favorite ride?


Don’t Forget About You, Moms

I realized something pretty important recently and thought I would share it with you and have it here as a reminder for myself. Don’t forget about you, moms.

For a while there I was putting my kids needs before anything else. I thought this would be best for everyone. Turns out it wasn’t good for anyone at all. I was in a weird haze after having the little guy where I was in survival mode. It seemed to last longer with the second kiddo. I guess because there was now two to take care of. I didn’t even realize what I was doing. I put my personal needs last. Everything was about kids being fed, keeping them “entertained” and work getting done. I was just last. I had time to shower and pick up the house a bit but I was not making anytime for things I wanted or needed to thrive as a person.

Moms, don't forget You!

I think our vacation is when I realized that I need to do more things for me. We needed the break from our normal lives to go out and explore. We needed a change. I needed to shift my thinking. I don’t need to “entertain” my kids. They needed to learn to play independently at times. I needed to put myself first and take care of me so I would be better fit to take care of them. You have no idea how many times I have told my family I need to get my eyes checked. I finally made that appointment and will be going this week.

I kept thinking if I focus my attention on the kids that I could worry about myself later. This doesn’t work. Once I started to put my personal needs first, I realized I was a better mom. I am happy to listen to the 25 questions my daughter asks me every morning, before I even get a chance to have a cup of coffee. Knowing that my needs are met make all the difference in the world.

Don't forget about you, moms

There is this thing called mom guilt that us moms know a lot about. Do not feel guilty for doing the things you love. The kids will learn to love what you are doing or they will learn how to be passionate about their own hobbies. Showing a love for your hobbies or work is a good thing. I hope you have a good day and remember to take care of you. xo – Bri